Loving What is, A Choice Point


Over ten years ago I discovered “The Work of Byron Katie”. This was one of those moments early on in my unlearning of a world view of progress, performance and accomplishment grounded in a view of physicality.


It was a powerful invitation to meet what was happening in the now for me and challenged the meaning I assigned to the circumstances and conditions.

Through inquiry, The Work invites us to examine our thinking about our situation that fundamentally shifts deep patterns of good, bad, right and wrong. It expands our perspective. Inviting space to surround the rigid thought process that for me anyway can resist my true learning of the time.


It was one of many invitations for me to wake up to how my world view of myself and other was shaping my experience.


Loving What is

A Choice Point to embark on a Journey of a Lifetime


My journey didn’t stop at this juncture. It continued on for many years of exploration of the spiritual, the mystical and sacred offerings through a plethora of studies.

If what is, wasn’t all that was happening in a moment, then, what else was going on?


My capacity to hold multiple frames was being nurtured and invited in my reflections, and how I was choosing to live, lead and serve.


Fast forward over a decade, today, I can’t imagine where I would stand had I not embarked down what I affectionately call, the unknown and mysterious pathway of discovery.


After my first coaches training with CTI, I was left still hungry to nurture what had been awakened. It created a fertile ground for my willingness and ability to step into a completely new world view. WEL-Systems transformed my life. Not an easy path by any means, and yet a profoundly enlivening awakening one that set the stage for a new way of living, leading and serving.


I by no means have any answers, and yet, my sojourn of curiosity has cultivated a way of being that is grounded in the unknown, the mystical, the unseen. From here as I choose to engage the seen, I am consistently met with insights of love as the answer.

Another key choice point, love.

My spiritual practice today is my companion for living in times of unknown, uncertainty and great change. It isn’t a fad or a pathway for answers. It has become a constant companion where I continue to open up, wake up, grow up, clean up and show up


Early on and for many years my “thinking” became an inner enemy. Today, it lives as a great teacher and co-creator of my experience as spirt in tissue. My physical senses as conduits of learning and guiding as a partner of my experience, versus the driver of it.


And, I am aware that left un-checked, un-examined, my thinking replicates old familiar patterns that fuel survival and not thriving. As a student of A Course in Miracles, I have made friends with the unlearning & learning process. I have embraced a basic view of love as the divine. Not love as an expression of affection, rather a force of creation. My studies of yoga and Ayurveda stirred a remembrance of a well walked path. Astrology has opened up an inner path of growth. It supports my ability to engage life as a classroom for evolution. As I fail, and fall, and I sure do each and every day, I am met with an ever-present choice point to unlearn, learn and grow. I am empowered and feel deeply blessed in the wisdom of being able to choose again.


Life takes on a flow versus a stop start or judgement day narrative. My heart softens each day. Just like the Grinch, welling and opening to the majesty of each day.


There is much in my life today where on one level I could say “this” isn’t as I want it to be. And yet, it’s here for a lesson. I am learning more and more about myself, my patience, my resistance, my shadow, and my light, my willingness to truly love what is. Choosing to be with it fully.


There is a great quote that brings me great comfort in those moments where I find a "wanting for what is" to be different….


“The purpose of your life is to enjoy and learn from your experiences. You were not put on Earth to suffer. You’re not helping anybody by being miserable. Regardless of your philosophical beliefs, the facts remains that you were born and you are going to die. During the time in between, you get to choose whether or not you want to enjoy the experience. Events don’t determine whether or not you’re going to be happy. They’re just events.”
Michael A. Singer, The Untethered Soul 


Today experiment with Loving What is. 


  • Who do you have the potential to be if you were to welcome the current situation, circumstances & conditions as teachers of your growth?
  • What might be possible if you chose to nurture loving what is?