Mama Karma


Circle of Choice


Recently I have reconnected with a beautiful book & it's teachings on the Seven Laws of Yoga, and also further translated by Deepak Chopra as the Seven Laws of Success.

Each day we're invited to live into one "law".

A practice of intention as we co-create with life.

Today is Tuesday. The Law of Karma  

Let's explore this terrain together...

Today, we're invited to connect in with the realm of choice, action & effect. Another energy exchange loop. A flow of cause & effect. An opportunity to animate creator consciousness; where we effect cause.

Karma has associations with weight (physicality) & wait (time). What do we give energetic weight to? And how we create energetic wait times.

I love how Caroline Myss brilliantly describes the linkage to time....the effect of "wait".

For those who subscribe to re-encarnation, karma also has a flavour of what "weight/wait" we’ve come into this lifetime to work with.

From an astrological perspective, Saturn is often viewed as the Lord of karma AND ‘Old Father Time. The very glyph of Saturn is the cycle from the god of time, Chronos.

Lot's more to explore about Saturn....for another day. We must wait….

Suffice to say, Karma has a ton of different meanings & offers us many layers to consider in our evolution.  

Every choice & action we engage (even when we're choosing to not choose) generates a force of energy that flows back to us in some way.

This is not to be feared, rather, to be awake to in our choices; how we internally meet our actions, passions & desires.

Tuesday is governed by the planet Mars. Mars animates, activates, asserts our power. Often linked to the body relative to our expression of life force. Given this, I would like to explore a few key themes relative to our energy management & our spiritual life.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga offer a daily mantra.

Our Mantra for today is: 

Om Kriyam Namah. My actions are aligned with cosmic, universal law.


Mars is the planet often associated with Tuesday. Mars is the planet of assertion and drive. It fuels our passions, desires, ignites our purpose, sexual energy and assists us in directing our life-force.

It is often likened to the archetype of the “general" and “warrior”. It is governed by the element of fire and is associated with the Pitta dosha.

The zodiac sign our Mars is in our natal astrology chart reveals messages about our dance with passion, initiation, desires, anger & assertion. Often this placement can illuminate our dance with conflict. If you know the "house"/ domain of life your Mars resides in your natal chart, this will reveal where you infuse a lot of your energy this lifetime.

Additionally, offers a window into our experience of the "battlefield".

Unsure of what "sign" your Mars is in? Check out this table

Then, explore these great overviews of the flavour of your Mars.

Today experiment with embodying the mystical laws of: Action & Reaction AND Gravity.


Caroline Myss teaches on the mystical laws and their relation to our energy centres (known as chakras). In her work, she weaves together core graces to support our journey of becoming. Our first chakra, the root chakra is associated with the law of gravity & our tribal experience. Here our primal desires and conditioning with the rules of our tribe, take root. There is a lot in this conversation.

From a CODE Model lens, it is here we house energy & information that colours our experience of security & safety. The body as a quantum biological processor supports the reflection of our spirit this lifetime. We touch down as spirit in tissue at the base of the spine.

This is our foundation. I liken it to a bridge between our vertical experience (sky) of "L"ife, connected to the horizontal plane of life’s experiences. (earth)

Today, I'd invite you to reflect on the grace of reverence and what it might offer in your thinking, choices & actions today.


Respect is the ego’s expression of the grace of Reverence. The grace of Reverence grants a perception of unity in which the suffering of one tribe is understood to be interwoven with the suffering of all tribes.

Reverence is the grace that enables us to see that all of life in and interconnected field of cosmic activity that has its origins and ending in divine consciousness.

Reverence also leads one ever more deeply into a sense of awe. The presence of the sacred is perceived as the source of life, and your soul is deeply connected to that source. To be filled with awe is the response of the humble before the Divine, and a response that acknowledges that the power governing life is not contained or defined by intellectual parameters. Life is defined by a force much greater than can be measured by human intellect.
— Caroline Myss


Embody the intention to choose to bring happiness & success to yourSelf AND others.

Every action we take generates a force of energy that returns to us in kind—as we sow, so we reap. When we consciously choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, the fruit of our karma is happiness and success.
Although many people misinterpret the Law of Karma as imprisoning us in a cycle of unending reactivity, it is actually an assertion of human freedom. Karma implies the action of conscious choice-making for we are all infinite choice makers.
— Deepak Chopra

In A Course in Miracles, there is a principle that, only what is lacking in any situation is what I am not giving. This one statement illuminates the under-pinning of the relational quality of life.

As with yesterday's exploration of the Law of Giving & Receiving, this statement offers some considerations for today.

For many clients (and mySelf) I would modify this statement by adding also, how am I “being” in my choices & actions. For example, am I bringing my fiery ungrounded warrior? Or my fierce, compasionate spiritual warrior?

Many women I work with there lives many archetypes with well worn patterns of outsider, advocate, rebel, warrior.

If left unexamined, over time, a price is paid for the shadow pursuit of the battle. There are also, like with all of our archetypal nature the dance of our survival archetypes (victim, child, prostitute and saboteur) who in the shadow are fed (and kept in play) by a world-view of separation & lack ~ in this conversation dances of win-lose; victims & villains .

Back to some more considerations

The Law of Karma governs the first chakra

The root chakra, known in Sanskrit as Muladhara, is located at the base of the spine. It governs your most basic survival needs. When energy is flowing freely through this center, you have confidence that you can meet your core needs without struggle. When there is blockage in this area, you will tend to experience anxiety and worry. 

The color of the first energy center is red. 

The seed sound for the first chakra is: Lam

It is often associated with the element of earth and our sense of smell.


Practice breath awareness & bring attention to what is moving in your body. Constriction, tightness, softness, ease. Similar to yesterday’s invitation, be aware of the spaces & places where you're bracing with your breath on the inhale or the exhale. Notice where your breathing feels smooth & enlivening. Consider welcoming with loving kindness all that you're noticing present in your body.  Practice breathing, imaging a pause, a vast and loving space of energy form around and flow through the sensations.

Witness your choices. Start to gently bring your attention to how you engage choice today. Watch yourself. Suspend judgment, just notice how you are consciously choosing (or not) throughout the day.



Cultivate the power of  pause. Today consider bringing in many pauses through your day.

Presence your body in the now by breath and by feeling your feet on the ground, your seat in the chair. Notice your hands and feet alive in/with energy. Image the flow of energy in your tissues.

Invite your breath to flow in and out. Consider your intention for the day.


check-in & ask,

  • What is the most optimal choice here, now, for the well-being of all?

  • What wheels in motion am I wanting to animate?

Connect with the grace of reverence. Spend some time today in nature. Soak in the smells, feel the warmth on your skin. Consider how you feel about what is being reflected back to you.

Finally, consider choosing one action today, one small step to offer another good tidings. Infuse your action with the energy of reverence. 

So, where to from here fellow travellers?

My invitation is to JOIN me today in exploring these invitations.

Ready to walk with another?