Mind "Sets"

There is a tremendous amount of information in the field today supporting us to examine our mind.


In the domain of wellness, the mind is gaining a lot of traction. Depending on your world view, mind can mean, many things. From the brain and nervous system complex to the BIG mind from an esoteric lens that connects us all.

Regardless of your world-view, I would offer, the mind has a huge influence on us. The mystery of exploring it can be a great lifetime of work.

Practically it offer us a fast track into understanding ourselves and each other, with LOVING kindness.

I want to invite some considerations today, to support you to empower different ways of thinking about thinking. Which leads to choice. Which leads to actions. Which leads to your life.

Mindset, for me today isn’t necessarily a “thing”. Rather it is a network, a cascade of beliefs, emotional cues, neural pathways of information that take root through habits and energetic cues as a result of experiences.

This is a BIG conversation. This post is like a pebble dropped. I welcome your input on what you’re discovering & exploring about your mind “sets”.

In my own journey and definitely in my work today as a coach and my past work as a nurse, I see first hand the power of mind in healing and growth.

I am a student of A Course in Miracles which at its basics is a psychological mind training designed to assist us in moving from a thought system based on fear, to a thought system based on love. It is but one of many traditions I have studied that point to meta principles of one-ness, interconnectedness, whole-ness & love.

In Astrology, Archetypes & Ayurveda, the mind/Mind plays a directing role in our experiences. For example, in astrology, we can peak into our inherent flavour of perception. There are many clues to highlight our innate tendency to be fixed, initiatory or fluid with our thinking. For me, this is not a fated positioning. I believe we can, if armed and supported with the possibility to re-consider, to develop our capacity to expand and soften our thinking.

If we’re willing to explore our current mind “sets”.

Our Ayurvedic mind profile shows us if we’re predominate in elemental energies of space, air, fire, water & earth. This offers us a different way to consider how we’re encoded with defaults for meeting challenges when we’re not in a state of balance, flow with life

Opening to our Archetypal nature, we’re also offered a doorway into exploring what drives us both in a light & shadow way.

There is great wisdom to be gleamed from traditions of yoga which offers us the beautiful practice of meditation; neuro-science & brain plasticity and quantum theories defying our mechanistic, newtonian approach to our health, wealth & relationships.

Where to begin.

First, explore new information. We’re so blessed to have access to lots of different ways to expand out thinking today. Explore many different ways of considering mind “sets”. As you do, pay attention to what resonates for you. I have posted a few below to get you started.

Be curious about you. Be open to learning more about yourself, with the goal to grow. Growth is primary our biological drive.

Reach out and connect with someone to support you on your journey of exploration & change.

Experiment daily with some form of stillness & breath. Pausing and checking in with yourself. Experience meditation. If you have, and it hasn’t worked, explore other ways. There isn’t one way to meditate.

Knowledge is power, but knowledge about yourself is self empowerment.
— Dr. Joe Dispenza

Information to support your exploration.

Is your current mindset fixed or seeking growth?

Carol Dweck’s work on the study of human motivation offers an interesting view of two mind “sets”. Fixed and Growth. Her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success offers us new doorways to step into when we’re exploring the power of mindset and our resulting thoughts, feelings, choices & actions that shape our experience in life.

For more information, here.

In the following Ted Talk she offers us another frame to cultivate a growth mind “set”…of…Not Yet. She offers a hopeful reframe for being with challenge, problems & failure. I love her invitation to praise process! Underlining a way of being in relationship with life, as opposed to static moments in time.

Are you willing to unlearn to learn?

Another interesting body of work to explore, is that of Dr. Joe Dispenza. He is pioneering research on the power of working with the mind for transformation. Here is a clip of his view on the power of a mindset that helps us tap into neuroscience & quantum sciences for health. Specifically, in this clip he outlines the power of habits as “implementers” of our mindsets. He offers a beautiful description of the link between our emotions, past, choice & change. His work & view of unlearning to relearn I have found to be powerful. This is a process, not an event.

How might fully experiencing the moment, shift your mindset?

Another amazing leader in the field of mind “sets” is Dr. Rick Hanson, a neuropsychologist. His work really elevates mindfulness as not only a practice, but as a way of living to re-wire our experiences. In his book on Hardwiring Happiness : The Hidden Power of Everyday Experiences on the Modern Brain, he offers us ideas on how to overcome the Brain's Negativity Bias.

What if what you’ve been told to believe about your biology is incorrect?

Finally, I would like to share a profound teaching by Bruce Lipton that awoke in me, many years ago, a curiosity about the mind, beliefs, health & life.

This is a long video…and it is a great Full Lecture of Bruce’s work he shared in his book called The Biology of Belief.