Moon's Journey Series ~ Stay Tuned

In January I will be offering a series of writings exploring the phases of the Moon.

My intention is to dive into the Moon phases (faces) to support considering how else we might relate to our creative process.

Begin to bring attention to the Moon’s influence on your creative process. Open up to her influence on your emotions, feelings and intuition. Welcome her guidance & wisdom regarding abundance, connection and nourishment.

Working from intuition in cycle after Moon cycle, our sensitivity grows, even as our expectation for certainty declines. Our own rhythm comes into greater harmony with the Moon’s.
— Dana Gerhardt

Eight phases & faces: A Monthly Journey

The Moon embarks on a journey each month where she shines forth through eight faces ~ eight phases. Each face/phase has a particular focus, energy & power. Her faces are viewed as different shapes as they appear from here on Earth.

The shape of the moon appears to change in a repeating cycle when viewed from the Earth because the amount of illuminated moon we see varies, depending on the moon’s position in relation to the Earth and the sun. We see the full moon when the sun is directly behind us, illuminating a full hemisphere of the moon when it is directly in front of us. The new moon, when the moon is darkened, occurs when the moon is almost directly between Earth and the sun—the sun’s light illuminates only the far side of the moon (the side we can’t see from Earth).

The Moon is one of the two great luminaries of the sky.

She represents our emotions, home, family, “mother” experiences, how we relate to nourishment/nurturance and our watery nature. Some say she is the Queen and the Sun (our second great luminary), our King.

The Moon is our feminine nature. The Sun our masculine. She as a great Goddess lives through the mythology of Artemis. She illuminates our Earthly nature. The Sun our Sky, our sky nature.

The great wisdom traditions invitation ~As Above, So below ~ weaves a tale between these two lights of our being that are challenging to separate.
And yet, we have been doing so for quite some time. We’ve but to just look out into the world to see how we’ve cultivated an imbalance of our nature. We’ve over-emphasized our masculine Sun expressions of authority & ambition at the cost of connection, belonging and life affirming choices with Mother Earth. Not good bad, right or wrong, rather a helpful pattern to notice and choose to pay attention to.

The Moon symbolizes the womb or matrix of one’s being. The Sun reflects one’s sense of autonomous conscious selfhood, one’s personal identity and will, and is more active and self-directing in nature. The Moon represents more one’s underlying psychological character—those parts of oneself that are more hidden to one’s conscious ego—and is more receptive and spontaneously reactive or responsive in nature.
It is archetypally associated with what the modern self tends to be unconscious of: the psyche’s emotional, physical, imaginal, familial, and ancestral ground or matrix. 
— Rick Tarnas

Each phase of the Moon ushers in an invitation to work with our creative process.

This influences the personal, collective & societal levels of our experiences.


Astrologically the Moon moves quickly. She flows into Zodiac signs approximately every two and a half days, and she completes her cycle approximately every 28 days.

Astrologers track her travels through each Zodiac sign. When viewing the Moon’s journey we can tune into exploring timing relative to projects and initiatives we choose to undertake in our lives.

Astrology pays close attention to the Moon’s journey, her phase at the time of our birth, where she was positioned in our natal (birth chart), the house and zodiac sign location. Generally this illuminates our emotional nature, how we experienced “mother”, home, sense of belonging and what areas will evoke our watery nature to be highlighted this lifetime. Like with all explorations, the Moon offers a lot of information for us to contemplate in how we relate to ourselves and each other.

There is a lot of debate about the impact the Moon has on us, here on Earth & in our bodies. Suffice to say, we can all agree that the Moon has her impact with Tides. She influences the ebb & flow of water.

The human Body is approx. 75% water…this leaves us all curious about her resonant effect on us personally and collectively. As women we experience her influence each month during the years our creativity potential flows relative to birthing children. A core invitation I am awakening to now that this phase of creativity is transforming in my “body”…how else might I BEST relate to my creative process?

Online resources to track her travels.

I hope you will join me in January to welcome in a deeper understanding of her influence and offerings for us in our own journey of becoming. Each date in January where we usher in a new phase of the Moon, I will share a post here.

As 2019 emerges, let’s weave in a more conscious and loving dance with the AND of our Moon & Sun.

Finally, Do you have a favourite Moon resource?

Please share here with us in the comments section!