Moon's Journey ~ Balsamic

Happy New Year!

This is the first post of my January series on the Moon’s Journey.

On January 1st 2019, the Moon shines her face in the balsamic phase of her monthly journey.

This is also known as the dark Moon phase.

Yin energies are illuminated. Receptivity, open-ness and reflections.
This phase of her journey is a great time to reflect, restore & relax. It is an auspicious time to practice gratitude and give thanks for the blessings in our lives.

This is a wonderful time to meditate and BE!

As the final phase in the lunation cycle, the Balsamic Moon is the monthly “sleep time”. During the three to four days of this phase, vitality and spirit are replenished, fueling your start at the next New Moon.
If you could observe just one Moon phase per cycle, this should be the one.
— Dana Gerhardt

She is approaching the first New Moon of 2019! (Saturday January 5th). Here she’ll begin again @ 8:28pm Eastern time, in the sign of Capricorn.

In the Balsamic phase, she relates to the time of maturation of intentions planted.
Our energies become concentrated, preparing for the next new cycle. There is often a call at this phase to release what was out intention and to reflect on it’s maturation in whatever form it has taken.

Timing wise, we’re invited to come to completion.
This is not good for starting anything new, rather it is a helpful time for wrapping up details and going inside to prepare for the new, next cycle.
We may experience guidance to surrender to what is and to give thanks for what was.

As will all new beginnings, things must end.
We must be willing to release and open up to what’s wanting to happen next. We need to come inside to regroup our energies & focus.

This is a great time to:

-spend time quietly in nature;
-engage in activities that support inner restoration & relaxation;
-connect with our friends, our soul tribes & also take time to be alone;
-step back and relax into the “bigger picture of our emerging vision”.

Her light at this time is encoded with energies to support objectivity. She aims to assist with gaining a deeper understanding of what’s truly important to you.

To support your reflection on this phase of the Moon’s Journey, here is a card I pulled from Alana Fairchild’s Sacred Rebel Oracle Deck.


The following recording is an exert of the wisdom offered by this card

The waning Moons, especially the Balsamic period, belong to the Crone. She no longer sheds her blood, but contains her power within. She has more time for herself, something to treasure. Free from all the responsibilities of her child-bearing years, she can now choose who, and when, she wants to nurture. Her wisdom and experience are gifts, if only we’d listen.
— Dana Gerhardt

I invite you to share in the comments how you’re choosing to honour this phase of the Moon’s Journey in your life!