Moon's Journey ~Crescent

On January 10th the Moon slips into her Cresent phase. This phase is Yin in nature. Once again a time to soften, open and flow with the feminine nourishment of our intention we’ve set @ the New Moon.

The Moon is visible at night. This phase gets its name from the crescent shape.


Now your intention has been set, flow with it!

Breathe & soften into it’s formation.

Practically infuse your energies with curiosity. Collect information, establish relationships and contacts that will support your intention.

Our steady focus will be on future and for activating energies to move forward! One step @ a time.

Perhaps the crescent moon smiles in doubt at being told that it is a fragment awaiting perfection.
— Rabindranath Tagore

Watch out for boredom & distractions. Familiar pulls from the enthusiastic energies that infuse our great intentions @ the New Moon.

Pay attention to inner whispers of self-doubt, second guessing and over-zealous disregard of the tender seed of your intention, requiring your willing attention and care.

Things have settled down since the New Moon’s excitement. It may even seem that not much goes on. Nonetheless, our Crescent choices will have a deep effect. Ultimately they drive the subtle mystery of why our lives don’t change, even though we swear we want them to.
— Dana Gerhardt

We might experience resistance from the “WE” @ this phase. And yet, our energies will be best sourced from our passion and purpose that nurture our intention.

In the planting cycle, this is when the young organism has to contend with the surrounding environment, which may seem difficult and hostile. This phase corresponds to the seasonal holiday of Candlemas, around February 1st, midway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

For this phase I have pulled the following two cards from Alana Fairchild’s Sacred Rebel Oracle Deck.


Here is a recording with an exert from wisdom offered by these two cards.

How will you choose to nurture your intention?

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