Moon's Journey ~ Full

On January 21st we have our first Full Moon of 2019! This occurs at 1:16 am Atlantic/ 12:16 am Eastern time. It’s quality is Yang in nature. A phase of brimming with excess. Energies over-flow and everything is in full form.

All things creative can increase. This includes our inner & outer states (mind-body-emotions-spirit); our inner & outer forms of expression.

In addition, we will have on this date a total LUNAR Eclipse at 0° Leo 52′. Which began Sun, Jan 20, 2019 at 10:36 pm (Atlantic) & occurred to approximately 3:48 am, Monday Jan 21.

Eclipses are powerful energies. Depending on your astrological philosophy, they can mean variety of things.

The focus of this post however is relative to the phase of the Full Moon.

I really appreciate the invitation by Jennifer Racioppi offered in Astrology’s Hub 2019 Planning Calendar for this particular Full Moon:

Themes to honour: Surrender & Evolution

Inquiries to support relaxing into the fullness of this moon:
-In what ways is the Universe conspiring on behalf of my evolution?
-What do I need to surrender or let go of to embrace this even more?

Helpful perspective to embody: Change is the doorway to my becoming. I embrace change with grace.

Consider your own creative process.
Life at it’s core is creative. Often we think creativity is for a few. I feel this Moon offers us an opportunity to reclaim how we relate to life as being innately creative.

In the sky, the whole face of the Moon glows. Here, the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun but is not blocking any light.

What choice point(s) are you being faced with @ this Full Moon?
Are you BEING inviting your to move ahead with your intention or course correct?
If we choose to course correct, its important to release our previous intention. This creates space inside & outside to what’s emerging.

Emergence is an interesting concept to reflect on.

Emergence for me demands a willingness to not know; to be open fully to the present moment; to surrender the outcome and to be excited to step beyond what I know and what I know I don’t know ~ the unknown.

What role could emergence play in your creative process?

If you were to start investing your attention and energy into the unknown, your body would then be able to follow your mind into the unknown—a new experience in your future.
— Joe Dispenza, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon

I love this quote as it reminds me at this point of the Moon’s journey to get out of the way.
To surrender my dream, vision & intention to something greater than my “self”. To work consciously with my aligned inner state of being & to BE open to the information that is coming to “light”.

In this open state of invite & allow, a new perspective or idea might become illuminated. We may also BE invited to be more visible with our efforts.

This is a time of the Moon’s journey where our awareness of “other” can become highlighted.
We may find energies that are opening up our awareness to the influences of others. Awareness may expand in what brings genuine meaning & purpose when we co-create with another.

For this phase I have pulled the following card from Alana Fairchild’s Sacred Rebel Oracle Deck.


Here is a recording with an exert from wisdom offered by this card.

How might faith support you now?

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