Moon's Journey ~ Gibbous

We cycle back into the Yin receptive energies of the Moon’s journey. At the Gibbous phase the Moon expands and swells to much of her lunar surface. On January 17th, this phase commences.

This is a time for organization and integration. We may find it’s important to interpret results and be open to re-thinking actions. Refinement can be the name of the game!

Today is the sixth phase/face of the moon we’ve been exploring together. Previous Posts:
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We’re almost to the culmination of the Full Moon, but not yet!

This is a time of movement. A sensing time (relative to the Yin energy). To be willing to see, hear & feel our visions holistically. To be willing to be curious about any results we’re seeing. To choose trust. Trust that our intention is on an innate cycle of fruition.

To release the desire to control (often ignited from our past). To embrace faith and tender care with our mind, body, heart & spirit.

We may begin to see our intention takes shape. We’ll feel the driven. Possibly at time irritated if we need to slow down.
The invitation: pay attention and explore what of “our plan” may require a “re-visit”. Perseverance may be called for. Employing the AND of soft & hard focusing skills may be required. Holding the big picture while also attending to the details.

-Pay attention to any perfectionistic tendencies that could arise.
-Stay connected to your pure intention.
-Continue to move forward with the fullness of your heart.

For this phase I have drawn the following three cards from Alana Fairchild’s Sacred Rebel Oracle Deck.


Here is a recording with an exert from wisdom offered by these three cards.

Choose to TRUST as you bring your intention into form.

A quality of trust that is rooted in our commitment while we also surrender the outcome.

What are you learning about the power of trust & your creative process?