Moon's Journey ~ New Moon

On Saturday (tomorrow) January 5th @ 8:28pm Eastern (9:28pm Atlantic), the Moon flows into her New Moon phase.

In addition we will be experiencing our first Solar Eclipse of 2019! This will be a Partial SOLAR Eclipse at 15° Capricorn 25′.

This is my second post of January’s series of the Moon’s Journey.

The zodiac sign the moon inhabits, greatly influences the tone & vibe.

With a Capricorn New Moon, consider: Structures, Perseverance, Integrity, Resilience, Planning & Practicality. Also, Capricorn can highlight how we relate to “authority” & patience.

The Capricorn solar eclipse on 1/5 is partial and concerns our emotional attachments to tradition, convention and expectations to conform to the dictates of society.
The question: Are you able to govern your life from your own principles?
— Eric Meyers

Many astrologers are highlighting some unique feature of this New Moon as we open eclipse season of 2019.

Before we dive into the traditional themes of the New Moon phase, let’s take a peak at some unique planetary energies that are influencing this New Moon tomorrow.

My intention in sharing these with you is so that you may further refine your work with moving into this lunar New Beginning.

First & foremost, what ever house/ domain of life Capricorn governs in your life (and we all have one), there is a traffic jam of six planetary energies. This area of your life is being illuminated. It’s full with information & potency that’s being activated and communicated through these six signature energies. Each vying for their place in the light of your awareness in Capricorn nature & domain of life it influences.


Moon - our emotional nature, feminine, yin energies, earth, mother. What emotional themes are emerging from traditions of family & possibly the past? What emotional attachments are you being invited to release and or harvest the gifts from?

Mercury - messenger of the Gods; our thinking, communication & perceptions. In Capricorn, think about…what’s real & practical?

Saturn - lord of karma; guide of timing; structures, traditions, discipline, focus; long term planning and results of our actions. Saturn is the natural ruler of Capricorn. He holds court here. Foundational themes will be illuminated at this time. When connecting with your new moon intention, be curious about what structures & processes will set you up for long term success?

Sun - our will; yang energies, masculine nature, sky, father; in Capricorn specifically our ambitions and sense of traditions; effort. How might you relate, aNEW to your ambitions in 2019?

Pluto - lord of the underworld; transformation, truth & power. In Capricorn think transformation of the very structures of life. Consider what structures may be limiting your growth and suppressing your truth? What’s seeking to be transformed?

South node- a mathematical point that illuminates the past, purity & release. In Capricorn consider how you relate to struggle & hard. Where does this come from? How do you relate to pride & failure? What value might humility offer in your pursuit of your goals in 2019?

I share these quick points to hopefully spur some deeper thought around your approach to working with these “new beginning energies”.

Given many of us are facing change on multiple levels at this time I deeply appreciate the invitation by Jennifer Racioppi offered in Astrology’s Hub 2019 Planning Calendar for this New Moon:

-Theme to honour with your intentions: Integrity
-Inquiry to support forming your intentions:
If I honoured my truth 5% more, what would I do differently?
-Perspective to ground your intentions in: I live in alignment with the truth of who I am.

Interested in exploring more? check out Astrology Hub’s recent podcast with Jennifer here.

Now, let’s focus purely on the wisdom of the New Moon phase, relative to the Moon’s journey each month!

In the sky, the Moon is positioned between the Earth & the Sun. Because of this we do not see at night.

The energies of this phase of the Moon’s journey is more Yang (masculine in nature).

As such many believe it is a powerful time for setting intentions.
Because this is the moon, it’s powerful also to feel into this new intention, in your body. Invite all of your bodily senses to engage in your intention setting rituals. Why? well a vast majority of what compromises the human body, is water. The Moon is a watery influential energy.

Astrologically, this phase appears in charts with the Moon & Sun cozied up together in the same Zodical sign. This phase of the Moon’s journey is a time where we’re encouraged to plant new seeds. The seed we plant will be vulnerable and will need some attention and tending.

We may find we’re focused more on the ME of our ME & WE dance. This is fine. We may be inspired to question approaches and rules that seem like they’re not working. This is a good thing.

It’s a green light for new.
New projects, initiatives, fresh starts. We may feel excited and spontaneous and are encouraged to stay flexible as the new seed of the idea, concept starts to take root.

The urge for new may be there, and yet we’re invited to stay open to more information before solidifying our commitments.

In our ME & WE, we might also want to be mindful of projections. Of leaping without looking and to welcome our new energies being enlivened with an open heart and curious mind.

For this New Moon I have pulled the following two cards from Alana Fairchild’s Sacred Rebel Oracle Deck.


Here is a recording with an exert from wisdom offered by these two cards.

How are you choosing to tend to what’s emerging for you at this New Moon?