Noticing when you've arrived.

I had an amazing experience on the weekend. A beautiful opportunity to spend time with a woman who is truly creating genuine community. Not born of a plan or strategy, rather the fruits of her willingness to engage what is meaningful. To embrace her own work of healing and transformation and giddy to share this with other!

What for her at one time was a story of outsider, NOW, transformed into a leader of connection.

One of my big takeaways was that:

True transformation doesn't necessarily come wrapped in a bow, with a tag saying, look, I’ve arrived.

For women it’s often in the presence of one another, through a felt, intuitive sense that we discover what we’ve been searching for, as our big WHY is right in front of us.


Some might say this is the way of the universe. Constanly offering us synchronistic messages to say , look, here. When we’re busy creating our goals, moving along the trajectory of our plans, we can miss these subtle yet profound markers.

What I believe are signs, guideposts to remind us we’re heading in the “right” direction.


If you been feeling like you’re unsure if the direction you’re headed in is the “right” direction, consider stopping, taking a few deep breaths and noticing what is present in your life currently.

Reconnect with your WHY?

What is present that actually maybe be communicating to you that you’re already there. That you’ve arrived.

Then, consider, what’s emerging now?

Maybe it’s time to evolve your Why, maybe its time to bask in it’s light. Maybe it’s the very fuel to encourage you to continue.

You see, it’s a process, life. An evolving ebb and flow of growth. Of becoming.

Struggle and self -doubt, just might be like wearing sun glasses inside. Take them off and look clearly at where you are.

What are all of the ways that your Why is already presenting itself.

How might noticing you’ve arrived support you & your life, leadership & service today?