Nourishment of Being: How Are You Feeding Your Soul?

Much of our life is a constant movement from here to there. Even if we're not physically transitioning from one place, one conversation, one activity to the next, our thoughts are.

How many times have you eaten while you carried on two other tasks?

How often have you been in conversation with another, while flipping through your phone, making lists or even glazed over in your mind, thinking of all that is awaiting your attention?


Our lives and society is what many in the Ayurveda world refer to as Vata deranged. We have an excess of air. Our nervous systems are in full gear 24/7. Fear hums in the background of much of what we experience and consume. At the level of diet, you might notice cravings for foods rich with tastes designed to pacifiy Vata. Tastes of sweet, sour & salty. We're on the hunt on a very sub-conscious level to address our regular state of feeling ungrounded. We engage in physical, mental and spiritual activities, following the advice and working the program. And yet, for many, we often can still feel like we never truly touch down.


When was the last time you felt a deep exhale, totally relaxed in your body, in the moment?


In the health industry we're inundated with information about what to eat, what to think, how to move and more recently how we ought to be feeling (e.g. more ease, happiness, peace & love). 


All of this is good news. It has raised and expanded our thinking and self-accountability for our experience of well being across the board. Aside from the many layers we could explore regarding this conversation, today, I'd invite you to stop.

Yes stop. Consider, beyond all of the things you could be doing to support the health and wellbeing of your body, mind and emotions, how might you nourish your being? What does that even mean & why bother?

Well, stay with me here. This is an invitation that offers responses to these questions (and many more) as you experiment & experience it.

For example...I can describe the taste of chocolate to you. Yet, until you experience tasting it for yourSelf, you cannot truly know it's flavour.

Then there are the questions ....

What do you most need @ the level of your being?

How do you know what your being, your essence, your spirit, your soul needs, RIGHT now?

An Invitation...


Experiment throughout your day with creating moments of stillnesssilence (no audio, video etc). I like to think of them as mini "inner" spa moments.



Close your eyes or soften your gaze approximately one foot in front of you, eyes slightly lowered.

Take three SLOW, DEEP breaths.

Feel the support of the earth. The chair you're sitting in. Your feet on the floor.

Inside whisper, I am listening.

Rest for a few moments in this experience. Feel your being gently pulsating inside. Smile.

Then, rub your hands together briskly and place them gently over your eyes.

When you're ready, continue moving about your day.


As you experiment with this multiple times through the day, begin to notice what textures, colours, sights and sounds emerge for you.

Receive the beauty that resides in this moment.

Receive the beauty that resides in this moment.

Be open to the deeper inhale & exhale of nourishing your being.

Ready to empower & embody your next chapter as a spiritual warrior?

I would be honoured to support you in your empowerment journey.