Personal Astrology Reflections

Astrology: A Key Companion On My Spiritual Path


Over the past few years I have been growing more deeply into myself.

Astrology has been a huge contributor to my journey of opening up, waking up, growing up, cleaning up and showing up.

Today I can fully embody the meaning of the phrase, I am a “work in progress”. This one phrase, of which I imagine we all find ourselves saying out loud from time to time, is golden.

Yes, we’re ALL a “work in progress”

Years ago, I am not sure I could have said this and felt such inner peace with the journey.

For years I felt like something was wrong with me. There were gaps to be filled, skills to be acquired and plans to be followed.

Through embracing and embodying more of the energies of my astrology, I've softened in my pursuit of growth.

I have opened up to a queenly space as a co-creator with spirit, life.

In Ayurveda, the Sanskrit word for health is Swastha.

 Translation ~  “to be situated in oneself”.


Ayurveda offers natural and intuitive approaches to dancing with our body-mind complex that is grounded in a larger view of life, yoga (union),

Ayurveda has been a profound additional companion for me with my astrology, archetypal studies and CODE model coaching™.

For many years I could not have told you what was pulling me into all of these areas of studies beyond my traditional health science background, other than my love of learning, my innate curiosity and delight in the experience of discovery. Today, having a firmer footing in growing into my energies, I feel at home as spirit in tissue. 

As an empowerment coach, my work is focused on supporting women to empower and embody their spirit while pioneering new ways of being & leading in community.

Through CODE model coaching™, intuitive guidance and education, I support people to navigate this journey, from the inside out.

Astrology offers a valuable map to support the expansion of our perspective around what and who we are and why we’re here. And, in my experience as a divination tool, it is most effective when married with a process that supports people to work with energies, consciously. A process that is grounded in a spiritual practice of living.


I liken it to a mall map. It reveals a snapshot of the energies of the heavens at the time of our birth. This imagery highlights energies we’re to engage in our evolutionary journey.

As life unfolds and moves with inherent rhythms and cycles, we’re invited into what I like to see as our core life curriculum, with, a few electives thrown in for fun:)

The beautiful thing is, we’ve been endowed with choice.

It is helpful to remember this endowment as we engage with astrology.


Astrology by its very nature invites a holistic perspective.

Twelve houses, twelve signs. Twelve is an archetype of wholeness, of cosmic order.

The wheel is also symbolic of a journey and the wholeness of our being, here, now.

For me, the roots of a holistic approach to life entails a reclamation of the view thatall life is relationship. Everything we think, feel and do influences and is influenced.We create much suffering when we lose sig.png

It invites integration of our elemental & archetypal nature.

Astrology I believe whispers to us to make friends with the “and” of our heavenly/earthly dance of expression. 

Our Unique Broadway Show

I enjoy the view that the story of our astrology is like a stage play.

Our own, unique broadway show. Similar characters (the planets), wearing unique costumes (the signs), appearing in unique leading roles in various acts of the play (the houses). Having challenging and easy relationships (aspects). Cycling through story lines that bring their own themes front and centre (transits).

Together, they weave a story encoded with strengths and challenges to be mindfully related to this lifetime. Rich with many layers and textures.

A Snapshot of a few of my planetary characters


My mind, as represented by the planetary energies of Mercury, sits in the sign of Capricorn. It is in close relationship with my Sun, who also sits draped in the sign of Capricorn. It illustrates my thoughtful approach to life. It infuses my other energies of potential, possibility, optimism with a dash of the practical. As much as I can go off into the dream world, I can easily ground the messages into the practicalities of living. My mind is ever busy, constantly at work. This leads often to strong opinions that are the result of an accelerated processing of a variety of interests.

Often  ideas I generate do not immediately resonate with others. For some time, this frustrated me, until I could take in the energies of this in my astrology. For example, another layer with my Mercury is it’s out of bounds placement. An eccentric placement. This means it resides outside of the typical path of the passageway of planets. The good news is I have a huge capacity to think outside of the box, to generate new (and often too many) ideas. And, it also at times creates an experience where I often feel mis-understood. Awareness of this supports me to presence theses energies more fully and mindfully engage the power of choice. 



The sign our sun is in when we’re born highlights key characteristic of our being, said to represent our personality. It offers clues to how we do or do not shine in our life. It also correlates to the father experience this lifetime and our dance with authority. Some say the sun is our life-force, our innate expression and the sign it is in holds keys to our purpose. 

Some simply liken it to our ego. Taken alone this however creates a very limited view of who we truly are. In fact, I would offer my thinking of this has shifted dramatically over the past few years. The sign our sun sits in is indeed encoded with key messages, most often aspects we’re to live more in harmony with, rather than something we’ve already got “figured out”. 

My sun has a few aspects that are set-up to invite me to clean up, grow up and show up beyond my history. One in particular is with the planet Uranus. Uranus is an awakening energy. It activates the nervous system and seeks the new and fresh to emerge. 

For many years, I lived unaware of my rash impulsive nature. Due to the responsible and practical nature of my sun and the conciliatory energies of my Libra ascendant, this meant I often startled myself and others as I leapt off into un-traditional and surprising choices. Today, knowing this, I am mindful of the contrasting energies and welcome them into my thinking and consideration. 

Another layer to this energy challenge between the Sun and Uranus is my archetypal rebel dance with authority. Not good, bad, right or wrong, it is a common thread I can see now that has run through my entire life. It in many ways has served me and my work in the world well. I do not take authority figures at face value. I have what I affectionately hold as a healthy skepticism. As a coach, this has served me well. It in many ways ignites my intuitive curiosity with clients that supports revealing blind spots.

Personally this energy combination has enabled a deeper appreciation of my innovative leadership abilities and strategic navigation capabilities. 

And...In my life, there has also been times when unaware of this influence, things have not gone so well. 

Moon & Venus

My Moon and Venus are draped in a sign that strengthens my need for freedom & uniqueness (Aquarius). These energies have offered gifts of perspective (being able to detach and step into witness position). They invite me to leverage balance, perspective and freedom with connection.

I used to feel bad about spending time alone. I now know this is something I need. In fact, I deeply enjoy it. This doesn’t make anything “wrong” about me. It inherently is but one aspect of my being that is to be cultivated and enjoyed. My moon is encoded with a tremendous amount of flexibility and deep appreciation for the beauty in life. 

Being aware of the roots of wounding have also inspired me to step out of my comfort zone. I have a few aspects that illustrate challenges with expressing my emotions. My moon (Aquarius) connects with Saturn (Aries). A dance that highlights challenges and capabilities with emotions. At times this aspect combo has tremendously assisted me in being with chaos and challenging situations, objectively. At other times, it has created a huge invitation for me to engage my vulnerability.

We all have wounds. Wounding varies, and it is one of those common stops along our pathways of becoming. A wild consideration is, what if the wounding is related to other lifetimes? Or even lifetimes to come? I find this consideration helpful to remind me, there is so much I cannot truly know and yet what is right here, right now for me to work with consciously, matters. 



Mars the planet of assertion and drive plays a prominent role in my expression this lifetime. It is closely linked with my ascendant and offers a different flavour to my innately harmonious and diplomatic nature. It is a big lesson this lifetime in working with this co-joined energy. Like all things it has a light and shadow aspect. It infuses my archetypal expression of pioneer. It invites me to engage mindfully it’s call to act and express. If unbalanced, it can wield a destructive blow. It is an energy I am here to learn to work with mindfully.

Like a good book you pick up and read again, I discover new things each time I relate to my astrology. 

Why? Because I am different. Open to seeing, what else?

Curiously positioned for a new discovery.

Beginner's Mind

I believe one of the greatest gifts we can offer ourselves and each other is the willingness to meet ourselves a new each day, each moment.

This is a valuable Buddhist invitation called inhabiting a beginner’s mind. Jack Kornfield explores this in his post called The Beauty of a Beginner’s Mind.

The study and work with astrology has deeply supported my cultivation of this. For myself and with “other”. 

Like my good friend & colleague, Lisa J. Weiss often shares, acceleration lives in owning I do not know, what I do not know.

We're an evolving story

I believe we’re designed at our core to evolve and grow. Our stuck-ness and suffering takes roots when we feel we’ve just figured ourselves or another out. Regardless of one’s chosen psychological or spiritual path for growth, it’s important to stay open to our organic and changing nature.

I am a huge fan of Louie Schwartzberg's work on Moving Art. His time-lapsed photography offers a rich, delicate window into the nature of becoming. It has for me taught me to see myself and life itself as moving art. We too are a story in motion, just like nature herself.


Astrology has offered me a broad perspective of what I like to call

the “AND” of being here, together. 

Within each of our “natal charts” (astrologically and archetypally) we’ve a propensity for the form & the formless, the feminine & masculine energies (beyond gender). I have been blessed on many levels to have a healthy balance of both. In other areas there are gaps.

Today I view these “gaps” as great opportunities to step into co-creation with others. This is where my seed dream lives. A call for us to come together holistically now. Fully in our unique, authentic expressions. Committed to our own "ME" work, while stepping off on to new pathways of gathering & working together, differently.

This is what has emerged for me as the ME & WE dance. This ME & WE dance is greatly correlated to my Moon's North Node (Aries) and South Node (Libra) invitation this lifetime (more about this below).

Stephen Levine (an American poet, author and teacher best known for his work on death and dying) is quoted as saying,

That which is unhealed is held in judgment & fear.”

This brings up for me the healing power of astrology. Regardless of your view on healing, I bet we can all agree that suffering is a common chapter of life.

It comes in many forms, with many narrations and evokes at times, much pain.

In modern healthcare, we’ve spent many years focused on alleviating pain through acting on “matter” directly. There is great wisdom and support with this approach. And, there is much more to consider in our approach to this experience. As I have (and continue to) mindfully engage what I might name as suffering, as a teacher. I have been exploring a new way of relating to suffering. This perspective has cultivated an inner learning journey that otherwise I am confident I would be missing, or just delaying. 

I highly recommend reading Marianne Williamson's recent book, Tears to Triumph. She elegantly frames a broader perspective from which to engage the challenges of life. 


There exists a spiritual vacuum at the heart of our society, the natural consequence of which is a low-level sadness. The very worldview that permeates our civilization is depressing. A mechanistic interpretation of the world teaches us to see people as machines, not as multidimensional beings — as bodies, but not as spirits. This mindset denies who and what we actually are. We live with endless, tiny repudiations of our true nature throughout the day every day of our lives.
— Marianne Williamson, From Tears to Triumph

It's interesting how as modern medicine advanced, in many ways (and for many understandable reasons), in the west we ejected from spiritual traditions. Like a piece of us was lost and we’re now on this vast remembrance of our nature that first emerges from our spirit. Even in psychology we’ve layered on a mechanistic view to approach what most often is a spiritual passageway way of our evolution. Not good bad right or wrong, just limited in its scope and capacity to heal. It’s interesting to contemplate the roots of psychology. 

The word psychology was formed by combining the Greek psychē (meaning “breath, principle of life, life, soul,”) with –logia (which comes from the Greek logos, meaning “speech, word, reason”).
— Merriam-Webster

Contrasting Energies

Learning how to relate to contrasting energies in my chart has supported greater flow in my life.

The power of aspects. Aspects are the points where two planetary energies come together.

There are energies that make a connection that are designed to support us and for others to challenge us. Challenge us to attain clarity, take action, to grow up, clean up & show up.

Each of us have varying degrees (number & type) of aspects. For me, I have some that although at times feel most challenging, being aware of them and when they’re being activated by transits of planets has deeply supported me to work with them.

We all have energies that offer pathways of struggle and growth and pathways of peace and ease.

Often the archetypes formed get at the roots of our key relationship to power this lifetime. When we make these patterns wrong or inherently good, we’re missing the boat on our larger story.

Awareness is key. And, we must be willing to engage approaches to support our inner sojourn of working with them. Personally, through the support of my approach to living within a WEL-Systems context, and as A Student of A Course in Miracles, how to relate to these contrasting energies in my chart has become a more enlivening experience. 

Insight requires action for the alchemy to manifest..png

In my own mandala of energies and archetypes I am making friends & working to integrate with what on one level could appear as opposing forces of expression.

For example, the co-existence of themes of outsider, rebel & pioneering energies with those that are very traditional in nature. My fiery masculine mind-body and tenderly compassionate inviting feminine energies. Aligning head & heart. Pursuing freedom and enacting self-discipline. Being reserved, responsibile and also at times being impulsive, having a deep desire to rebel, challenge and innovate. Feeling confident, resourceful, while also dancing with energies of self-doubt, shyness and lack of confidence. I have energies that are optimistic, dreamy, fantastical and also deeply practical. 

Light & Shadow 

A key theme that spans so many energetic cues and parings in my chart is freedom. Freedom like anything has its shadow and light aspects. I am learning how to work with this theme on a whole and specifically with key energies in my chart.

My nature loves harmony. And this too has had its effects (when left un-checked) of causing struggle, pain and at times loneliness. There have been so many times in my life when I have abandoned myself for the pursuit of harmony. I can share, this never works.

I am learning how to be what I call a spiritual warrior, an empowered co-creator in life. This too is part of my dharma across all levels. This demands a new expression and experience of the ME & WE.

ME & WE is a dance of becoming, pioneering a new way forward with other.

Being “on course” this lifetime

Our chart reveals the what, how and where energies are being activated by transits in our life & the collective. This supports a deeper understanding and an invitation to engage (rather than run away) from what is unfolding in our lives. 

In addition, we’re offered clues to our dharma this lifetime.

When I started to study astrology, I first stepped into Vedic Astrology. This was an expansion of my studies and practices of yoga & Ayurveda. A Vedic perspective offers five levels of dharma. In the west we seem to focus solely on our purpose, relative to career and fortune.

From a western, modern view, we're also offered key points that high light what I call our meta-dharma this life time. As mentioned above, these are represented by the North & South Nodes of the moon. 

Opening up to these two key points in my chart known as the North and South nodes of the moon has been transformative for me. It has grounded my entire understanding of my chart. I can see how my planetary energies and their combinations have been elegantly designed to support me along this pathway, this lifetime.

On one layer, it seems simple, and yet I can attest it is not always easy. It takes conscious awareness and choice to re-direct and work with energies that catapult us into the unfamiliar. 

I have a North Node Aries & a South Node Libra. A life that is focused on the balancing of self & other. A call for me to boldly & courageously step forward in life. To be independent and strive for inner peace and harmony (rather than solely focusing on external environment). It is a foundational energy that underpins so many other aspects in my chart inviting innovation and uniqueness of self-expression. To delight in my own company and to trust and express my intuition fully.

My South Node in Libra reveals skills of collaboration, being able to see and empathize greatly with others. To be so focused on others than I lose myself and merge. 

“When astrology is approached from a level of true open-minded understanding, it leads directly to unconditional love. When you fully understand a person’s inner mechanics and where their ‘glitches’ are, how can you be angry with them? We are all doing the best we can.”
— Jan Spiller


More about Nodes of the Moon

Jan Spiller offers in her book Astrology for the Soul, great wisdom to contemplate and reflect on relative to twelve personality types depicted by the North and South Nodes of the Moon’s placement at the time of our birth. 

Nodes are not planets. They’re points formed by the Moon’s orbit around the Earth intersecting with the Earth’s path around the Sun. The direction is counterclockwise, 180 degrees apart. 

The goal this lifetime is to step more fully into the attributes and qualities of the North Node.In choosing to do so, integration of expression of the talents and abilities of the South Node can THEN, be woven into .png

When we act without awareness, we’re often said to be acting out our South Node position in response to our environment.

Many believe these are the habits, patterns and strategies that served us once in previous lifetimes. Some might equate these psychological expressions to conditioning relative to this lifetime. Regardless of the world view, for me, I have found that although the qualities and skills that are my default are valuable, they actually don’t work for me to lead with in this lifetime. They leave me feeling drained and actually prevent me from being most effective in my life.

Choosing to work with your North Node energies often requires tremendous courage and fortitude.

Above all, this one aspect of my chart underpins the foundation of the themes for my sojourn this lifetime. 

One-ness & Uniqueness.

Little has been taught in our traditional pathways of learning that supports the process of discovery & celebration of our uniqueness

Did you know that that a birth chart isn’t duplicated for 25,000 years?

The moment we’re born is stamped on the cellular level of your very being.

Our natal chart offers clues into our unique encoded patterns we’re here to embrace, integrate, embody and transcend. I feel astrology offers us powerful co-coordinates to make sense and develop meaning for our developmental path. 

Embracing Our Dance of Becoming

I love how Jean Houston has defined the soul as the lure of becoming.

My natal chart is encoded with (like for all of us), key strengths and challenges designed to bring clarity, activate growth and support a compassionate dance with our wholeness to support what I believe is our work this lifetime, becoming.

There is a well know statement in the field that, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.OK, so how do we live as this? 

We have many layers. Spirit, energy and matter. This offers a wider lens then to consider the circumstances of our life. 

Choosing to engage this broader perspective requires new models of the world to be considered and contemplated. It requires a willingness to step into the unknown with an open mind, heart & spirit. This can support us to be with the inherent challenges, contrasts and paradoxical nature of life, differently.

If we’re truly interested in enlivening a holistic approach to living, growing and healing, we must expand our approaches to supporting individuals and collectives to re-think what is actually unfolding beyond what our external eyes can see and measure


Astrology I believe is one of those approaches that is deeply supportive to offering a broader mall map to assist our navigating the human experience as spirit.

Our chart reveals the what, how and where energies are being activated by transits.


This supports a deeper understanding and an invitation to engage (rather than run away) from what is unfolding in our lives. 

I have MUCH to continue to learn and integrate as I live into my chart. It is the great work of a lifetime to relate to it.

Beyond seeking a consultation, I invite everyone to connect to their natal chart and open up an inner exploration and dialogue with their energies and patterns.

There are subtle, yet profound shifts that inevitably occur when you do. Like a radio, dialing into new channels, you'll be opening up new doorways that will expand your focus on what you may be facing, right now. 


In closing I want to extend gratitude to two amazing astrology teachers & guides who've been apart of my sojourn thus far. Deborah Young & Simon Chokoisky.

And all of the countless leaders in the astrological field from whom I continue to learn through their writing, podcasts & consultations.