How many times have I been here? This all seems so familiar and new at the same time.
What is “the” next step?
Which “way” shall I turn?


Woke in appreciation that the moment to choose has gently arisen again.
To inhale & exhale.
To fill this pregnant crossroad with tender wonderment & curiosity.


How often do we skip this deep, earthy, delicious pause of becoming?
Only to grasp at the edges of the river of change. 


Seeking to find footing on the slippery, uneven terrain of our life.
We swing our gaze right, left, up, down, front & back.
Unsure of what is left to cling to.


Certainty has her call. Has her time.
She however can be over fed. Over nourished and over celebrated.
Like the passage of the Moon each month, sister Certainty is, but a phase.
A moment. Maybe even a chapter.


There comes a time to float.
To move with the current.
To host the tension that arises in our unknowingness.
We know this in our bellies; in our hearts; even in our minds.
A time when spirit seeks her next adventure. Through us; with us; around us & within us. 


Another time to dance full out. To explore, to dig, to question to rise.


The passage of transitions is one we must make friends with.
It is here we meet faith.
We ponder fate & court destiny.
Many illusions and ghosts arrive here at this crossroads.
The sun is sunk & the moon is cloaked in the shadows.

It’s wise to remember that, within what appears to be darkness, lives a small ember of a flame.
The flame of our being. Guiding us towards greater and greater clarity, and yes, certainty will arrive, yet again.