Poem...Rising Together

When we rise inside, our truth can’t be denied.

The tears flow deeply and we trust, tides don’t lie.



Where have you been oh fierce wise one?

Tell me how you’ve come to think only of pure woes & no fun?



Ask why not rather than speak how come.

Take time to dive in and listen for the song your heart’s beating from.



Wish large, dream big, stand tall, fly high!

May you see, smell, taste and feel the sunrise, nigh.



Mother moon shine bright, flow our senses into our minds.

Open hearts, spin structures and let us no longer deny.



The call to be set, the table to be offered.

Help us now to gather in wild, unbounded wonder!



For when we rise, no longer alone,

We remember our one-ness, our place that is truly home.


Choose to appear in all of your glory.

Trust & believe it is Here we’ll see our new story!