Pollination ~ What Are You Spreading?

I am a firm believer; one of my GREATEST TEACHERS is Nature herself! 

In 2011, when I embarked on my in-depth study and practice of Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister science, known as the science/knowledge of life, it became apparent to me I was home. Having been a registered nurse, practicing in health care for close to 20 years at the time, I was amazed at the innate wisdom of health and well being this 5-10,000 year old health science offers us. 


Ayurveda for me, offers simple, elegant and effective wisdom for coming to know our own nature. She invites us to work with, not against it. To flow with the energies of what is and to dance with a principle of opposites to heal and enliven our life.


Fast forward seven years later, and I am still discovering many new layers of my own nature, relative the immediate (5) senses and beyond! Practically speaking, Ayurveda offers us a frame for considering the information we express and take in through our five senses, aligning with the five great elements of life. (Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth). At it’s core is a more stunning recognition one that points to our inherent nature as energy. Vibrant, physical beings that dance in concert with our energetic, spirit based framework.

Our essential being, stripped of the superficial layers of mind & body, is neither mind nor matter but the source of both. ~ Deepak Chopra.png

It only takes pausing to turn on/into the news, looking around our workplaces and organizations, and society in general to see, we indeed are hungry for change in our leadership of systems. Systems are pollinating our culture. We pollinate in our systems.


When we get clear on our intention for our leadership, the challenge often lies in aligning with our attention and choices. Our minds are a formidable tool and gift. Thinking is how we create on the entire spectrum. Peace —— Suffering. The hummingbird…I imagine…doesn’t analyze which flower to pollinate the same way you & I can at time agonize over decisions.

What if we were to work more holistically with our own nature, as we move out and pollinate our world?

What might become possible for ME & WE if we were to remember that we are, like the hummingbird a thread in the unfolding of pollination, in life?


As I watched this most amazing clip created by a gifted photographer Louie Schwartzberg, The Hidden Beauty of Pollination, I was reminded of the power of pollination and the power of the spread of our leadership. (See recent LinkedIn post below for two invitations)

Are you willing to engage your holistic nature in your leadership?

I welcome the opportunity to support you, on your journey