Power of Words

Are you struggling with your impact?

Consider a new practice. Slow down and notice your words.

A few years ago, a colleague of mine brought attention to a phrase she noticed I was using, time and time again, "do you know what I mean?"

She shared it was conveying a "lack of confidence". Humm...I thanked her for the feedback. I chose to start a practice of noticing when, where and how often I used this six-letter phrase - cloaked as a question. I developed a greater awareness of conditions & circumstances in which I used this phrase most often.

I discovered I most used this little "check-in" of a phrase when I felt unsure. Sometimes when I perceived another not "understanding me". And quite frequently, it rolled out of my mouth without any thought at all.

Having studied WEL-Systems NLP, I knew the power of words to create. This was a great reminder, to notice speech patterns that do not align with my intention. 

I started to practice a new phrase, an authentic question of, What are you hearing me say?

This comes out authentically when I am truly curious about how my message is being received. It comes with intention, rather as a bridging habitual pattern that ends a statement or message I am delivering.

A genuinely empowered person recognizes the authority that words carry. Have you ever stopped to consider how much power is contained in every word that you say? Everyone has certainly felt the power of the words another person has spoken to them, especially if those words were expressing love – or anger.
— Caroline Myss

I still at times find myself saying these words. I catch myself. When I practice slowing down and noticing my words, I notice lots of interesting ways I use words to soften & or massage a message. The impact I create, misses the mark. Bringing attention to the power of words is something I continually choose to practice. It demands I bring mindfulness to my speech. 

This one simple practice of slowing down and noticing has immense influence on my impact.

  • How are your words shaping you & your life?

There are many layers to this conversation. As a woman, a leader, a co-creator, I am reminded today of the power of my words.

Check out this great article on Goop. Where Tara Mohr (Author of Playing Big), shares her thoughts on how as women we undermine ourselves with words.

Tara shares a few words and speech combos, that on the surface, may seem small. Yet, greatly influence our co-creations. As I read, I thought, check, check, check!

  • Do you recognize any of these in your communication?


How do your words influence your empowerment? 


What words are you committed to empowering in your life today?