Prosperity Flow. Tired Of The One-Way Flow?


An Invitation to Nourish & Be Nourished


Recently I have reconnected with a beautiful book & it's teachings on the Seven Laws of Yoga, and also further translated by Deepak Chopra as the Seven Laws of Success.

Each day we're invited to live into one "law".

A practice of intention as we co-create with life.

Today is Monday. The Law of Giving & Receiving 

Let's explore this terrain together...

Today, we're invited to connect in with the realm of giving & receiving. A loop of energy exchange. A flow of prosperity.

Prosperity means different things to each of us. 

According to Meriam-Webster, prosperity is the condition of being successful or thriving; especially : economic well-being.

This is but one layer to contemplate well-being.

For me as I drop in & consider what prosperity means, and how I work with clients in their Soul of Well-being, prosperity is a holistic experience of wealth that spans "four" domains of "L"ife. 

  • Well-Being of our trifecta of expression, as divine spirit in tissue (mind-body complex);

  • ME & WE dances (intimate & community);

  • Conscious service (career, work, vocation, volunteerism);and

  • Economical well-being (time & money freedom)

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga offer a daily mantra.

Our Mantra for today is:

Om Vardhanam Namah. 

I am the nourisher of the universe and the universe nourishes me.

The Moon

The planet often associated with Monday is the Moon. The Moon is one of two great luminaries of the heavens. Father sky (Sun) & Mother Earth (Moon).

The zodiac sign our moon is in our natal astrology chart reveals much about our emotional life. It shines a light on our habits, patterns, desires and innermost needs. It shows how we express, and deal with, our emotions. Some feel it is a great significator of mother. Both how we have been "mothered", how we "mother" others and ourSelves.

In mundane astrology, a daily tuning into what our planetary energies are up to today; the moon will illuminate specific invitations for her significations in our lives. To see where the moon is today, check here.

The moon illuminates our feminine energies (beyond gender). It offers us a window into our Queenly (Sovereign) domain. 

Today experiment with embodying the mystical law of: Sensation.



For many of us, we have a default that impedes how we relate to flow. For some it's easy to receive, for others, easier to give.

Today, bring awareness to your default.

Consider who you have the potential to become if you we're to open up & mindfully engage the full-loop of prosperity.


Embody the intention to keep well-being circulating by giving & receiving.

Life is the flow of all the elements and forces that comprise the field of existence. The harmonious exchange between your physical body and the physical universe and between your personal mind and the collective mind is expressed as the Law of Giving and Receiving.
— Deepak Chopra

In A Course in Miracles, there is a principle that, only what is lacking in any situation is what I am not giving. This one statement illuminates the under-pinning of the relational quality of life.

For many clients (and mySelf) I would modify this statement by adding also, what I am not receiving. 

You see for many women I work with identify with some version of a healer, caretaker & or mother archetypes. These patterns have such heart to offer our world & often the path to integration positions many opportunities to step beyond un-skillful giving.

If left unexamined, over time, deficits are cultivated. Then, we wonder why we're not experiencing prosperity.

Breath Experiment

To illustrate the impact, I'd invite you to experiment with this.

Inhale, take a very deep breath, then hold it for as long as you can.

Notice what this feels like.

Then, exhale as fully as you're able & hold this exhale with your lungs fully emptied.

Again, notice what this feels like.

This offers a great experience literally  metaphorically for what life feels like when we're approaching prosperity one-way. When we resist the inherent need to both inhale & exhale.

Back to some more considerations


The Law of Giving & Receiving governs the fourth chakra

Known as Anahata, the heart chakra is dedicated to overcoming separation and division. When the heart center is blocked, there is a sense of alienation from others. When the heart center is open and flowing, you feel connected at a deep level to all beings in your life. When flowing, it is the green of nourishment; when congested, it can be green with envy. It is associated with the element of air and the sense of touch. 

The color of the fourth energy center is green. 

The seed sound for the fourth chakra is: Yum


Practice breath awareness. Today bring awareness to how you're feeling, inside. Notice the spaces & places where you're bracing with your breath on the inhale or the exhale. Notice where your breathing feels smooth & enlivening. 

Cultivate gratitude. Right now, jot down three things you're most grateful for. Notice how this feels inside to welcome a perspective of appreciation versus lack.

Acknowledge your needs. Be mindful of what you need. Are you giving yourself permission to know these needs? Are you willing to share & ask for what you need? This is a form of nourishing yourself, and “other”.

Bring curiousity & appreciation into your exchanges with others. Some say our deepest shared need is to be seen. Today, practice being in the present moment Fully with another. In practicing this, what do you see in another? Experiment with letting them know you see them. Notice what happens. Notice how you feel. This is a form of nourishing "other". Which paradoxically nourishes us.

Be willing to step beyond your history. At the core of our prosperity blueprints are often threads of messages absorbed through cultural conditioning, our past. Today, just try out being a NEW. Challenge yourSelf to take one step that flys in the face of "old messages". See what happens. 

Finally, consider choosing one action today, one small step that acknowledges your capacity to nourish yourSelf. 

So, where to from here fellow travellers?

My invitation is to JOIN me today in exploring these invitations.

Ready to walk with another?