Purpose is something many clients who come to coaching are seeking.
The pursuit of purpose is at it’s core one’s desire to ask bigger questions in life.

-Who am I?
-Why am I here?
-How can I serve?
-What is the meaning of life? of death?


The following are some thoughts that have emerged for me about this pathway of growth I am calling: the pursuit of purpose.

My intention here today is to share these with you.
To invite you to take a breath, pause & consider what resonates in your pursuit of purpose in your own life, today.

If you willing & ready to walk with another, reach out and start your coaching journey. As much as we need to discover we can stand alone, at some point we must extend trust & discover we do not have to!

Attune to your inner whisper

Beyond our skills, talents, desires & personalities (patterns of being & doing in the world), there is a whisper. Not something you solely hear, rather something you feel. It’s not something to think your way through, rather a deep call to listen; to be still & soften.

I believe the pursuit of purpose comes knocking on all of our doors at some point. And in many cases more than once.

Two core questions emerge:

  • Are we willing to acknowledge it’s presence?

  • Are we ready to open the door?

These two purpose choice points will influence our experience of ourselves, our relationships (friends, partners, children), our work and inevitably our inner sense of peace & fulfillment.

A core focus of my work involves supporting women leaders during times of transition. Not only the typical transitions of life, but also the “moments”, in the choice points that are ever present in the NOW. The moments of awareness that life has stopped working; our view of life takes on a grey hue and or we can’t shake the recognition of restlessness demanding our attention.

Often our conversations begin with:
-Is this it?
-Why am I feeling so darn irritated these days?
-How is it I am here again for the second, or third time in my career, relationships etc?
-This is happening, I understand where it’s coming from, so, now what?
-I am ready to change, where do I begin?

Recently groups of women have been emerging, seeking to travel together.

Women gathering together is an accelerated process!

Regardless of the point of entry, the niggly question that’s emerging for you, I trust in the wisdom of one showing up. Of saying yes and your willingness to begin with a conversation. Powerful ingredients to engage a holistic process of growth.

Most often clients who choose to partner with me are looking to live & lead with greater congruence. To lead as the women they are. This is an onion peel process for many of us. We’ve followed trajectories, made families & careers for ourselves very similar ( or in complete opposition) to what we absorbed as the “rules of the game of life” growing up.

My intention is to support multiple new frames for consideration of who one see’s herself as. I offer a broad, rich landscape to engage these pursuit of purpose questions.

To live different we must choose different.
To choose different we must think different.
To think different we must engage our whole selves in the process.

Holistic Change

It gives me great hope as I look out and see immense progress occurring with integration of the arts, metaphysics and the spiritual nature of living. Accessibility has been up-levelled. With the advent of the internet, our next big idea, question is but a google away.

The challenge of real change however is it involves MORE than information & knowledge to take sustainable root and flow.

Real change for me, is transformational in nature. It not only shakes up my thinking, it re-wires my choices.

Choice is a powerful lever. A blessing we all have been bestowed with. Yet it has it’s Yin & Yang nature; dark & light; focused & scattered polarities as all things in life.

  • Knowing we have choice is step one.

  • Step two is learning how else to relate with this power.

  • Step three, our willingness to engage, holistically.

Process matters

In my experience having coached for over a decade now and having been on my own personal pursuit of this balloon of potential, I am aware of the power of the process that shapes this journey.

This process I am discovering is rooted in curiosity, love & commitment.

It welcomes the “choice point of the NOW” to be engaged.

Choosing to engage our inner process with curiosity, love & commitment supports an enlivening journey for this pursuit. A journey that ebbs and flows like the waves of the ocean. Just as life sweeps in and it is gone. We live, we die. Everything in between can be an adventure, a cross to bear or a “days of our lives soap opera”. The choice point here LIVES in the process.

Context matters

-What is context?
-How will I know what my process is?

Some of us have explored therapy. Spent time with alternative healers. Explored & adopted eastern traditions into our lives and even bought into the machine of western self help.

Regardless of where you’ve been, take a breath and lift up into the balcony of your life and look at TODAY.

The context that is shaping your process of living; driving your choices; deepening or liberating your beliefs, values and attitudes and influencing the filters through which you make meaning are right here, now. Awaiting your curiosity, love & commitment.

Being able to see patterns is one of the most extraordinary capabilities you can begin to develop. Beyond time (e.g. what happened then or what do you want to happen tomorrow), consider what you choose today and how you approach that choice will be a pattern seed you’re setting into motion.

  • Are you tending a seed of a pattern that isn’t yours? (e.g. family; conditioning; cultural)

  • Are you choosing to stand wobbly of legs and just choose something else? (clue: wobbly legs and awkwardness are signs you’re seeding something new)

Context creates meaning. Meaning fuels our choices.

Finally, I would invite you to step into a conversation with another.

In our ME & WE dances, we’re always offered a window into ourselves. One that
requires another. I have been honoured to be in conversation with a friend & coach colleague recently in my newly formed YouTube channel called: Women IN Conversation ~ Growing Cultures That Nourish Evolution. Sheila Kelly, The Big Yes offers sage wisdom in her work of supporting people in their Third Act, and specifically regarding her program called: Paving the Path of Purpose. Check out our recent conversation here.

Ready to embark on your next chapter of purpose?