Re-Imagining ME & WE™ : Parenting - Leadership

I have recently been supporting some of my clients with their visioning & re-imagining of ME & WE in the context of parenting!

Through the Re-Imagining ME & WE™ approach, coupled with astrological insights, there is so much that surfaces that expands beyond parenting.

It’s difficult to separate (although try as we might) our leadership, our relationship patterns and parenting.


The parenting conversation cuts close to the bone. Whether we’re working to heal & integrate our experience of being parented and or choosing to consciously show up moment to moment in our parenting.

Parenting is a process. A process that replicates habitually, unless & until we’re willing to do the “inside-out” work.

I see in my travels lots of interesting exchanges in the workplace/ community settings where the friction of generations are alive.

Multi-Generational Collaboration

We know intuivetly our youth are a gift. The promise & hope for a different societal future. And…for many, we struggle with how to work with our youth. Our young leaders. There are times this saddens me.

As I witness less than conscious approaches of relating. Both ways. As the wise elders, I feel we must model the way of collaboration & respect. It is our work to do first, inside, before we can hope to effect anything different out there. Part of the work is being willing to learn. This is a process of growth, rather a specific destination.

It has taken me to the roots of this exploration of parenting. As a parent of a young adult, I can attest to the shifting dynamics of relationships. As much as the mama bear in me is alive and well, I must be willing to honour this important transition.

Each phase of parenting as our children grow and we grow brings amazing opportunities to evolve. If we’re willing & able to show up consciously. Awake, aware & with a dash of humility.

Parenting for me has & continues to be the absolute best place to grow and evolve my leadership. Our children are I believe, our greatest teachers.

The question become…are we willing to learn. To grow together. To step beyond the inherent expert model of leadership that lives in so many of our historical scripts of parenting.

If the conversation of parenting is alive for you today…

I want to leave you with two resources to explore.

This is a thought provoking conversation with Dr. Shefali Tsabary & Marie Forleo on Conscious parenting.

If you’re not a parent, consider what resonates for you in your experience of parenting? (we all have one!)

Consider, how does this relates to your experience of leadership?

This is an amazing book

I welcome you to share your insights here.

And…as always, I invite you to remember, you do not need to walk alone!