Re-Imagining ME AND WE...Reflections

Re-Imagining ME & WE is a critical choice point for our times. It is a call to evolve in the direction of the meta-physical truth, what is in one, is in the whole. As above, so below.


It is a practical conversation for our reclaimation as spiritual beings having chosen to have a physical, human experience. It bridges the inner conflict that arises as a result of individualization. A key phase of development as humans.

The following are some of my personal reflections & invitations....Welcome what stirs for you & allow what presents to be in flow.


What & Who are ME/WE?

We must each come to know ourselves a spirit in tissue. Once engaged, we're faced with a profound question..... what does this then mean for us as tribal human beings?

Life at its core is relationships. Traditional and the emerging new science offers us a view of interconnectedness. The question...are we willing to live into this? Along the way in our evolution many of us have gotten stuck at the level of individualization. For others, we struggle on this key path, as we've incarnated with an awareness of the interconnected nature of ourselves & life. With the knowingness of our interconnected nature, we deeply fear the loss of it. As a result our sojourn of individualization is our great challenge.  Regardless of where one stands, the truth that the AND of spirit and tissue lives, is calling to US ALL to be empowered and embodied. 


Swiss psychiatrist/psychotherapist Carl Jung offered the concept of Individuation as a central process of human development.

A process of self-actualization through INTEGRATION of the conscious and the unconscious.

A journey that evolves through opening up, waking up, cleaning up, growing up and showing up. Jung and his work emphasized the importance of individual psyche and the personal quest for wholeness. He was a student of astrology and many would say offered this view well beyond the application in working with psychology & the mind. Jung’s work offered immense foundational frameworks to consider also the collective unconscious. These are well known as Archetypes. He carried on from many of Plato’s ideas. His framing with archetypes I believe stand the test of time. In particular the immense value of expanding of view of self & Other.

An invitation to expand our view large enough where there is space for both our unique experiences with the mature awareness that these patterns live and breathe in the collective psyche as well.


Masculine & Feminine ~ ME & WE

The cosmology of this is profound. Astrology is making a huge comeback as a practical and immensely value tool for living and working with our evolution. This is like a wave of re-cognizing our one-ness. With father sky & mother earth. The masculine & feminine ME & WE dance with life. It is a powerful gateway towards re-activating a truth of life that if empowered and embodied will support us to ride the wave in our next re-imagining the ME & WE in the practicalities of our life & work. A way that spiritual traditions from the East, exploding in the West, have supported us to connect with the non-dual essence of our true nature, while living in a sensory duality experience.


Spiritual Practice as Centre, Coming Home

Spiritual practice for me is quite practical. It has offered a pathway into living in tissue and communing with spirit. There is / has become a choice point of emergence challenging my view in this dance of late. Yes, I have cultivated the opening and communion with spirit and yet in subtle ways have held this as a separate pursuit relative to the day to day life I am living. A shift has been unfolding for me. It has evolved into my centre, my context. The spring from which the day to day emerges. Rather than something I am to relate to.


Coming to terms inside of our holistic nature & spiritual practice, for me is kind of a chicken and egg thing…what comes first? I don’t know. I can only speak from my own experience which has and continues to bring me face to face with a call to empower and embody the truth of love as being all there is and a deeply lived appreciation that all is one. A wake up call choice point that all time is now. These three presuppositions of life are so deep & rich they can easily be skated over in our personal growth. We can each easily get trapped in their power in the pursuit of the more for the "ME". 


Choosing to BE & STAY in Conversation ~ TOGETHER~  is deeply nourishing and critically important.

For many years , I and many of my fellow companions have chosen to walk pathways different than the current collective. This has called up profound lessons and invitations to truly align and walk with and in integrity with the very pathways we’ve been exploring. I can't count the number of times I have heard mySelf & "others" declare how important it is to stay connected. To remember that even though we may not see, hear and speak to each other, we trust we're each standing with one another.



Learning, like relationships is a thread that crosses all disciplines and fields of study.


Grounding in process, Seeking & Grasping for Outcomes

At some point each of us awaken to deeper motivations and pursuits. The ego, the product of our individualization does like to feed the story of separation. Not good, bad, right or wrong, simply, a by-product of the process of becoming. It is when we attach to the by-product of this (e.g. label/ title of newly formed identity) we can stop the flow. A result I am noticing again and again that activates a new layer of  suffering, cloaked in a new set of lingo and beliefs.


What's most often lost is a remembering the power is in the process, rather than the outcome. 


For me this has and continues to feel like a tricky truth to embody when our cultural spaces & places are rife with celebration of the separated, individual accomplishments. Where all of the historical messages of our unique childhood, designed to keep us safe and secure as a result of our individual effort gets challenges. I often find myself disappointed in what presents...wondering still, when will I ever get it right! When does it end?! And then, fortunately I am reminded of the wisdom that lives in the is a journey not a destination!

Most often by a fellow traveller!

Faith & Belief

Faith becomes a life line for the commitment and conviction in our choice to continue. To keep swimming, to choose to take the VERY NEXT STEP. Many might ask, faith in what? This is a powerful inquiry to live into. Each for ourSelves & with each other.


What do I have faith in?

What do I believe?


Caroline Myss often shares in her lectures the observation that we're each quite quick to name and claim what we do not believe anymore, however, the important place to develop clarity around is .... what exactly do we believe?


If you haven't read Bruce Lipton's books, Biology of Belief & Spontaneous Evolution, I invite you to NOW engage. His work shakes up so much of what infuses our limited self view and the systems we then go on to create, manage & control (Our bodies; relationships; social and political systems; Economical systems).


Belief is a powerful lever in our engagement of choice. It fuels the deeper threads that activate “the habitual” in what we might term as new choices.


In the Re-Imagining ME & WE we're invited to un-earth the beliefs that no longer serve our desire to live as empowered spiritual beings, in physical form TOGETHER.

AND....welcome the process of emergence through experiential learning...what we do believe.

While standing in our unique ME & WE dance alongside others choosing to Re-imagine their ME &We's.

As our awakened, mature, divine selves, we mindfully choose what we flow and invest our faith in.



The Re-Imagining ME & WE process of discovery, growth has as its core a view that co-creation is where its at. Co-creation with ourselves and our willingness to work with ALL of the levels of our expression – physical, energetic, spiritual, archetypal physical & mythic cosmology. Co-creation with life. Co-creation with each other. It is in this choice point we’re expanded in our being, thinking, choice and doing. 


Expansion & Willingness to Experiment

Expansion is born when we’re willing. Willing to experiment with a new choice, a new perspective, a new action. When we’re willing to step into a new experience and be open and curious about where we’ll take ourselves. We learn through working with ourselves. Inviting a willingness to see ourSelves and each other differently- aNew.

We cultivate our resiliency to be with contrast. To work with our resistance differently. To re-animate our innate capacity of intuition and imagination.


Solo Yes....AND...

As much as this is a solo journey, it is also a journey that requires soul companions to walk with. We must be willing to be visible, to share our voices and trust in something larger than the “me” of ourselves.


Why together?

There is a great invitation in the consideration that “we are wounded in relationship & we are healed in relationship”.  There is a flow of healing that becomes possible when we show up as the ME we’ve become in this moment, with a willingness to continue on our becoming process in the presence and communion with another.

How together?

We develop a spiritual centre as our home base. This becomes like a special garden. We choose to tend to it first, each and every day. Trusting that this is our most important homework in our contribution.


When this starts to take root in your life, on some level, you’re living an awareness of all is one. The core all-encompassing spiritual and metaphysical law that demands we perceive each and every experience as an invitation to learn, grow, heal and teach (model).


We choose to develop the skills and cultivate capacities that support us to pioneer new ways of relating to life. With ourselves and each "other".

Regardless of the form the ME & WE is showing up in your life today, (work, retirement, your dance with your feminine and masculine expression, your parenting, your business your family etc), you can bet it is inviting you to engage this anew.


We’re all grown up now

This journey requires us to evolve in our process of opening up, waking up, even cleaning up, we must grow up. Then we can fully come to the table of life, showing up as a beautiful, powerful, work in progress. Committed to co-creating a fresh, innovative dance of becoming.


The Invitation

As with all journeys of growth, development, transformation….I can share the “descriptors” of an experience…and know you will only come to know this for yourSelf, when you dive in.


I trust that what is being stirred in you now, is a call to dive into the water of your Re-Imaging ME & WE. Stop waiting and engage!