How often do we set a plan, a goal, an intention…only to find ourSelves back around where we began?

As part of your intention setting process this season, I would invite you to explore what INNER resistance may be “conflicting” with your dream.

In coaching we’ll often invite you to give voice to both your high dream & low dream. This brings both your hopes & fears out into the light of the day.

The definition I would like to offer today for this post related to resistance comes from science’s view of resistance and flow of electricity.

The degree to which a substance or device opposes the passage of an electric current, causing energy dissipation.

Imagine your intention is like a lightening bolt of energy. It’s filled with light and heart. And, as it lands, what if it’s met with some opposing force that causes dissipation? Well… like a great mentor of mine once said, it becomes like a toot in a bottle. It turns from fire to gas and then dissolves.

Resistance like any concept is inherently neutral.
Meaning it’s not good, bad, right or wrong. In fact along our growth path, resistance can offer us our greatest learning. It is the spark, fuel & ignition that has us transcend perceived obstacles. And…when we’re seeking to create change, setting intentions and have patterns of taking two steps forward and one back, it’s helpful to explore if inner resistance may be at play.

One way inner resistance shows up is through our archetypal patterns of esteem. To learn more, join me for this upcoming online workshop.

Exploring what INNER resistance we may have regarding our intentions is a valuable exercise.

Practically this looks like being willing to ask yourSelf…

What part of ME wants to achieve THIS intention?


What part(s) do not?

Often we exert a large amount of our visioning energies towards what we want. This is great! AND if we’re not progressing, we may be well served to explore what part of us, may be IN conflict with the very thing we’re after.

This is not always a straight path of inquiry AND yet a very crucial one for us to spend time with. In particular if we’ve been “trying to” create change in our lives in some way for a long time.

To effectively engage resistance, we must activate a holistic approach. Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit! Addressing resistance solely through our mind will not take us to the roots. And most often will quickly exhaust us!

Exploring the roots of resistance is an important contemplation when we seeking change.

Here is an interesting video exploring resistance. Give it a listen and bring attention inside to what moves in your body as you consider what Teal Swan is offering here.

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