Sacred Space AND Our Inner Flame. The Burn of Surrender.

Recently the astrological goddesses have been pressing my awareness. In astrology there are four asteroid goddesses that illuminate the sky. Ceres (Sacred Mother), Pallas (Sacred Justice & Wisdom), Juno (Sacred Partnership) & Vesta (Sacred Service). Each carry feminine wisdom for us in our embodying the feminine in our life’s journey.

Regardless of gender, we all have placement of these powerful goddess energies in our astrological evolution blueprint.

Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta represent four very basic feminine archetypes which amplify and particularize the more general energies of the Moon and Venus
— Demetra George & Douglas Bloch

Each govern key principles of our life expereiences

  • Ceres, the principle of unconditional love

  • Pallas Athene, the principle of creative intelligence

  • Juno, the principle of relatedness

  • Vesta, the principle of focus and commitment of sacred service

Recently one in particular has been drawing me in.

Vesta. Vesta is often described as the Goddess of the Hearth, Fire.

named after the ancient Greek goddess Hestia, first born of the Olympian deities and last released by her father Cronos (father Time), who at one point swallowed all his offspring. Thus she denotes the beginning and the end – alpha and omega – and serves as a reminder of the source from which all things originate and to which all must return. She represents the preservation of sacredness and the state of connection to formless Essence.

She is symbolized only by the altar and its sacred flame.

There is much to be digested about this fierce, virginal energy. In fact, where would any of us be, without fire, without our own fire. Fire is a powerful creative element. One that influences our capacity to both begin and end something. The element that governs all matters of digestion, transformation & purification.

Astrologically Vesta describes the ways in which we face the issues of personal integration, work, devotion, commitment, sacrifice, alienation from personal relationships, and a range of sexual complexes based on denial and fear of intimacy.”
— Demetra George (with Douglas Bloch) (1986) Asteroid Goddesses, ACS Publications, Inc.: San Diego, CA.

For the past few weeks I have had an increase of “time”. Like the great goddess, time has been stalled (swallowed) on the whole…only to be now released with key choice points for me to engage. At the practical level, I’ve had a physical injury which has left me unable to drive and in fact my capacity to “fly through my days as normal”, has come to a stop. An abrupt one at that. Beyond the physical discomfort of having torn my right shoulder’s rotator cuff, what has felt most pressing for me is the experienced “limitation” to get things done as I have always “got things done”.

This has required I SLOW down; consider what truly needs my attention and what requires my release. I’ve come face to face with my resistance of asking for help, my fear of not being able to “produce” and my grasping of aspects of life (conditions) that truly no longer source my flame. This has been painful, beyond the physical. And, like with all new beginnings, I have personally been reminded that endings must be tended to before the roots of the new, truly can be nourished. In addition, my perspectives of “limitations” have demanded some interesting innovations & creativity to write and engage with simple day-day tasks. I’ve dove deep into fears of intimacy, and many habits I’ve held that have kept it at bay.

This recent experience has invited me into potent inner conversations. I have been contemplating what truly has meaning for me. What I truly need. And the degree to which my choices have actually been lining up with changes that have been occurring on the inside for quite some time.

Vesta symbolizes the archetypal Temple Priestess, she is a virgin in the original sense of being whole and complete in oneself. In the system of goddess symbols, she represents the principle of spiritual focus and of devotion to following one’s calling. Placed in the mandala at the Ascendant, Vesta corresponds to the Self.
— Demetra George

In my life I have had a strong thread of a dance with my fire. It has been an elemental force I’ve spent many many years re-aquainting myself with. Welcoming in again (after having spent many many years of dampening this flame down). I’ve had moments of immense joy of reconnecting with my sacred fire and other moments of complete disasters of what I can only describe as “melt downs”. What I might describe as un-skillful breakthroughs. I am very aware of the vast distance I’ve traveled, while also acutely aware of the vast unknown remaining vistas yet to be explored with my conscious engagement of my sacred flame.

Themes of sacred service often emerge as we connect in with this powerful goddess energy. For me these days I am having a very intimate sojourn with my inner heart, hearth, my sacred space. My true space & place of home.

Discovering ingredients of surrender

I have been opening up more deeply to my dance with faith, trust and courage. I am discovering it takes all three for me to truly surrender. All three of these ingredients are sourced from my sacred space, my inner flame. It is here for me that I am best able to invite & allow the end to fully be embodied, so that my next beginning can take root. I have spent years in many different transitions, leaping with one or two of these, but honestly, not all three. What I can most appreciate now, is that the effect of this has been a subtle residue of the past, clouding my visions and co-creations.

Lately, it has been relatively easy to “observe myself”, in my defaults of attempting to skirt over the deep, dark and hot truth that as much as I have “prided” mySelf on being able to “begin again”, I’ve equally been desperately hanging on to “old ways of engaging”.


What are your ingredients of surrender?

Choose Again

As I sit here today, I am mindful that I indeed get to choose again. I choose to welcome my inner flame to imbue the sacred space that I AM. I welcome the healing, freedom and creativity to nourish what is forming as a new beginning. I choose to release my grip on the past. Open hand, heart, body, mind and soul.


What are you willing & ready to choose, now?

It’s not lost on me that we’re in a key seasonal transition. Where the fire of summer is waning as we round the corner, flowing towards the fall equinox. Oh how I love to “hang” on the the warmth of summer. Squeezing every last drop of sunshine out of the heavens. In this moment I can see how this too has been a very subtle way of dragging my feet in transitions.

Suffice to say, this goddess energy has taken me into the very core of focusing my energies; of contemplating how I choose to NOW relate to service; my dance with grasping & surrender and the importance of tending to my intimate sacred space of my inner flame.

As you contemplate Vesta for yourSelf, here are a few more considerations….

  • How are you relating to your sacred service?

  • How else might you tend to your inner flame?

  • What’s burning to be released?

  • What ending seeks to burn fully?

  • What’s seeking to be flamed in your next beginning?

I invite you to share here, what emerges for you.

And, if you’re ready to dive into empowering a new chapter, reach out.

I would welcome the opportunity to support you!