Soul Intention. Are You Willing To Declare What You Want?


Recently I have reconnected with a beautiful book & it's teachings on the Seven Laws of Yoga, and also further translated by Deepak Chopra as the Seven Laws of Success.

Each day we're invited to live into one "law".

A practice of intention as we co-create with life.

Today is Thursday. The Law of Intention & Desire

Let's explore this terrain together...

The word intention is common in today's lexicon. Most often it is singularly focused. It indeed assists us in being thoughtful in our engagements AND it has a broader scope & meaning at it's core.

In creating clarity & meaning with concepts, like intention, it is helpful to begin inside. Creating space within ourselves to consider the meaning we're associating with it.

This is particularly important when we've chosen to embark on a joint venture (a conversation, project and really everything where two or more are gathered).

We often use words with one another & pre-suppose we share meaning, when in fact, we soon discover something is off-kilter in our shared pursuit. Many times this occurs because we've not stopped and shared with each other, how we envision the word/concept of our intention and deeper meaning.

Merriam-Webster offers three definitions that for me relate to today's law of intention.

  • a concept considered as the product of attention directed to an object of knowledge;

  • a determination to act in a certain way;

  • the object for which a prayer, mass, or pious act is offered.


  • What does intention mean to me?

  • If I were to describe how I hold the word "intention" inside (without using it or any part of it), what does it look like?

  • What do I believe about intention & how I am living?

Yoga philosophy offers that we have four aims in life. The concept of intention and desires overlap. As shared previously a deeply accessible and meaningful process and book to engage is Rod Stryker's work on The Four Desires.

Desires are another important exploration with today's invitation.

When you consider the concept of desires, for yourself,

  • What comes to mind?

  • How does this word feel in your body?

  • What stories do you have wrapped around your desires?

Spend some time journaling your responses. Share them out loud with another. Feel free to share them below with us in the comments section.

at the level of the quantum field there is nothing other than energy and information. This field is influenced by intention and desire. Attention enlivens while intention transforms.
— Deepak Chopra

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga offer a daily mantra.

Our Mantra for today is: 

Om Ritam Namah. My intentions and desires are supported by cosmic intelligence 


Jupiter is the planet often associated with Thursday. Jupiter is the great teacher of expansion, abundance, optimism & hope. It casts it's rays on all that seeks to grow. It is known as the King of Gods. 

In Jupiter's dance with our Law today, let's commit to focusing our attention on our intentions. With a soft focus ~ an open heart, curious mind & relaxed body.  Be open to what presents.

Today experiment with embodying the mystical law of: magnetic attraction

A challenging experience I often see with clients (and at times with mySelf), is the generalization of intentions. We name things like, peace, love, freedom, ease etc. All beautiful intentions. And….It is equally important to invite our expression of specifics.

We must be willing to declare what we want. Out loud. First to ourselves & then with another.


“Prayer is the medium of miracles. It is a means of communication of the created with the Creator. Through prayer love is received, and through miracles love is expressed.” ― Foundation for Inner Peace, A Course in M.png

Embody your intention (you know the great Gandi quote...Be The Change).

Focus your attention on what is most important for how you live your day, life.

Cultivate moments of stillness & quietude to check-in with your intuition. Extend a prayer of your willingness to listen.

Give yourSelf permission to engage your desires with an open, soft hand and a welcoming heart for what unfolds.

Image that your individual intentions & desires are born of, through, held in a context of love & honouring your evolutionary intent of growth.

The Law of Intention & Desire governs third chakra

The third chakra, Manipura, is localized in your solar plexus. It is the seat of your power in the world. When this center is open and flowing, you are capable of translating your intentions and desires into manifestation. When it is blocked, you feel frustrated and ineffectual. 

The color of the third energy center is yellow. 

The seed sound for the third chakra is: Ram

It is associated with the element of fire & our sense of sight.

This positioning within the body invites us to consider,

  • To what degree am I feeling in alignment with my thinking, feeling, choices & actions?

  • How am I currently feeling about my capacity to take action on my own behalf?

  • How might I stoke the fire of my intentions & desires today?

  • What am I willing to see?


  1. Be clear of your intentions. Start your day with stillness and silence. Invite an inner conversation about your intentions. Listen.

  2. Trust the outcome. Be open to what emerges as you align your attention with your intention. Be willing to be surprised.

  3. Practice present moment awareness. Breath, body & stillness are key practices that support those who are choosing to become spiritual warriors.

  4. Be open to your intuition. Throughout the day, pause and check-in. Notice what calls your attention. Breathe and experiment with following your impulse. Writing can be a helpful gateway for some to bring their intuition into the light. Listen to your body.

So, where to from here fellow travellers?

My invitation is to JOIN me today in exploring these invitations.

Ready to walk with another?