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A few considerations as Mercury flows retrograde in Aries.

Mercury has gone retrograde in the sign of Aries. March 23-April 14th (shadow cycle that follows until late May 2nd).


There is a lot of information available about what mercury retrograde represents. Suffice to say that the retrograde energy ~ going backwards~ may create delays, mis-communication and well technological blunders. More deeply, some say that mercury retrograde is carrying messages for us. There is a historical, karmic tome to what the winged messenger of the Gods is offering us.


Mercury archetypally is known as the winged messenger of the Gods

Mercury archetypally is known as the winged messenger of the Gods

When moving backward, Mercury is thought by some to bestow & steward a message on behalf of energies in your psyche (chart), life etc. Beyond the hick-ups of the trickster archetypal version of this celestial event may reflect for us in our day-day lives, it is a time to reflect, to pause and go in.


One invitation I believe is to listen deeply. To work differently with our mind.


Mercury as a character of our celestial drama, highlights many territories of our being. Thinking, speaking, perceiving. It also governs expressions of siblings, community and driving. Teaching and learning.

Today I want to dive into a consideration of mercury retrograde moving through the sign of Aries through Ayurveda & Archetypes. I like to think about the planets as characters in our celestial play (life drama) and the signs they're in as their costumes. The house where they sit and transit through as the stage of life their speaking to us from & about.


As mentioned, my focus here is to share some general information predominantly looking at these energies through the windows of Ayurveda and Archetypes. To deepen your personal insight and understanding, I suggest identifying which domain of life this celestial event is moving through in your natal chart. Regardless, there are some themes that may serve your contemplation over the coming weeks.

My intention is that these considerations will offer some helpful insight and fuel for conscious choice.


The Messenger's Costume


As mentioned, this mercury retrograde is in the sign of Aries. Aries is a fire sign. Aries is an initiator sign of the zodiac. In fact, what you might consider as the “key initiator” of the zodiac. It rules the first house of our beginning and new beginnings. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. Mars is representative of physical energy, will and vitality in the heavens (and within us).

Archetypally, think warrior, pioneer & leader.

Astrology symbolizes the sign of Aries as the ram. The ram images the masculine energy and courage. Because the horns invite in a pattern of a cornucopia, some view this symbolizing abundance. Think energies of leadership & pioneers. Consider how the ram approaches life...."head on".


Ayurvedically, think pitta

Pitta is a doshic representation of the elements of fire & water. For some of us, we’re born with a predomination or combination of these elemental forces in our body-mind make-up. For all of us at one time or another, we may experience an excess of this doshic influence.

Pitta is a doshic representation of the elements of fire & water.

Pitta is a doshic representation of the elements of fire & water.

As this winged messenger slips into the costume of Aries, what emerges for me is a fiery mind.

Fire and the mind often correlate with light. Focus, insights and creativity are fuelled by this combination. It often can be thought of as intelligence & understanding in it’s healthy state. In an over-identification (or Ayurvedically speaking an accumulation), we can experience anger, resentment, bitterness and judgment.


The view in Ayurveda (Yoga’s sister science) is that there are many layers and levels of expression of “S” elf. Each level is governed (as is everything in this world view) by an element. Fire represents the level of intelligence. Think of intelligence, not as your “smarts”, rather, the level of mind that is responsible for digesting your experiences. Yes, our mind, like our body digests our experiences.


My view is a co-creative one. Here the mind and body dance together in a holistic digestion of life.


David Frawley in his book: Ayurveda and the Mind highlights valuable considerations of fire and mind.

Frawley offers that

“Intelligence is the digestive fire (known as Agni) for the mind and correlates to the small intestine in the physical body. Intelligence in this way digests impressions and turns them into experiences. Turning present events then into memoires. Proper mental digestion depends upon proper function of intelligence through which we are able to discern the truth of our experience".

He then goes on to offer that,


"When we have undigested or accumulated intelligence, our perception can be blocked. We then mistake the appearance of things for their meaning or true content.”



There is much in our culture today about detoxing our bodies, and yet, what about our minds.

In my experience, and this would be supported in a holistic & ayurvedic view, that when we detox our bodies, we do indeed experience a detoxing of the mind. 



Beyond food & fasting what does Ayurveda say about what supports mind detox?

Frawley invites practices of deep thinking, inquiry and meditation. In these and other contemplative practices we are closing our outer mind and outer senses. Inviting calm to flow through our inner landscape as an invitation for our inner thoughts to arise and be known.

This is where deep seated habits of perception and thinking reveal themselves.  There is much written and invited about the power of observation.

Archetypally, it is most often here our shadow steps forward on the inner stage and we're invited to allow it to be in flow and digested.



I love Marianne Williamson’s orientation as she teaches from A Course In Miracles that darkness is not a thing, it is the absence of a thing. And, we do not heal by bringing light to the darkness, rather, by bringing the darkness to the light. For example, when we turn off the lights in a room and it is dark, we have not turned on the dark, we have turned off the light…..noodle on this for abit....


I feel this is also a helpful time to consider resistance & how you're relating to your will:


You know the saying…what we resist persists. Consider what you have been resisting seeing and owning in your perception. Consider what is your mind inviting to be transformed.

  • What inner battles are inviting to be transformed?

  • What wisdom is how you relate to "will" wanting to be acknowledged and digested?


To get a coordinate on how this experience will play out in your life, once again, it is most helpful to know what area of life (house in natal chart) this mercury retrograde in Aries is moving through.


Nourishing the fiery mind

As mentioned in a previous post, this is a great time to establish and relate to stillness. In particular, beginning a morning practice of relating to stillness. Then, weaving in moments throughout the day that invite pause, reflection and sweetness to flow into the circumstance of the moment.

A few years ago I wrote a post on Present Moment Awareness & present moment recovery, this may be of value to read at this time.

If your mind is feeling especially fiery, in addition to embracing this three week phase as a time for an inner sojourn of relating to Self…here are some additional considerations through the sensory intake of sights, sounds, smell, tastes and touch.


  • Take a walk in nature, by water. At night, step outside and gaze at the stars.

  • Listen to soft soothing music and sounds.

  • Experiment with a self-massage with cooling oils like coconut oil or sunflower.

  • Take/wear colours of white, blue, green.

  • Enjoy tastes that are not heavy nor too light. Tastes that are sweet, bitter and astringent. Cook with cooling spices like coriander, turmeric and fennel.

  • Smell cool and sweet fragrances such as rose, sandalwood, jasmine.

  • Engage in moderate exercise like walking, swimming and Pitta pacifying yoga.

  • Emotionally, spend time with friends, practice kindness and compassion –Self and other—work with digesting anger, resentments and conflict.


Most importantly practice what it feels like to breathe, drop in and surrender to this moment AND listen.


Archetypally, some inquiries could be:


  • What messages of wisdom does my warrior have for me?

  • Am I willing to wave the white flag with my historical inner battles?

  • Who do I have the potential to become if I were to slow down and work with the flow of life, versus attempting to wrestle it to the ground?


Finally, if you're interested in to relating to your nature consciously, relative to how you design your days...reach out for a conversation.