The Greatest Mysteries of Life Reside inSide


Often as curious minded, heart centered women, we’re on the lookout for the next “thing”. Information, philosophy, technique, process, person, guru…list goes on, THAT, we think when we get it, learn it, integrate it, will unlock the mysteries of life and that personally, will unlock the mysteries of our life, us.


I know in my own journey this curiosity fuelled by seeking “some destination”, “some magic formula”, has indeed awakened, inspired and propelled me forward in my life, leadership & service. No doubt.


Today however, I am coming to know that the greatest mystery of life resides at home. Both in my physical home and my inner home of spirit in tissue, home of the soul.

It is my inner home from which my life springs & flows.


Whether I am aware, awake, conscious, asleep, unconscious, whether I am loving my physical home, or desperately uneasy in it….my inner home sets what I affectionately call the tone (the hum) and texture (experience) of my life.


My inner home sets the tone & texture of my life


Consider that your greatest portal to unlocking the mystery of life, of “your” life, resides in your inner home. Your soul’s home.


I am coming to deeply appreciate how this ever-present space within is our portal through which we truly can flow with the mysteries of life. Travel takes on a whole new meaning.


The great sages knew this. Any great spiritual practice & tradition offers this. The promise of awakening. For many years, I truly wondered, awakening to what?


Even though I may have heard the words…. awakening to myself with a capital “S”. I still held a view that “something” would magically happen, if I could just crack the code…..


After many years of living in an awakening dance with my inner home, I smile as I catch myself time and time again, looking at another program, another philosophy. I catch myself in the conversation with my inner guide, the voice of my soul.


My check in…


  • Am I curious about this X because I am seeking it to fill a void within me?

  • Am I curious about X because I am curious about it?


Two very different inquires.


One is fueled by a narrative of separation. The pursuit of the mysterious, the lure of home, outside of myself. The other is an honouring of my nature. You see my nature is innately curious. I experience great joy in exploring and discovering. Once fueled by the pursuit of lack of myself, today I have a new reference point of inquiry to engage my nature.


On a deep level, I believe ….


we are all here to be in the mystery of life with inner curiosity & innocence as our guides.


The "states" that we often seek are actually what we already are. (e.g. happiness, peace, ease, love)


Now, I am confident as you read this, you may be nodding your head, AND, I am curious, what does it feel like to take a few deep breaths, drop your shoulders, soften you belly, sink into the world that is supporting you (feet on floor; seat in chair) and ask


Who do I have the potential to become if I were to own the inherent mystery of my inner home?

What drives my seeking today?


Am I willing to find?


In choosing to step into these inquires, we welcome the whispers from within.


This takes courage and compassion. It invites us to engage the energy and information presenting in our bodies, differently.


Ready to dive into your mystery?