"Thinking"….Pain & Control: Mind-Body Considerations


This morning lots of thoughts are bubbling through my being. Anticipating the upcoming ME & WE conversation of pain & control, I am acutely aware of deeper and more subtle layers of denial that have held their grip on my thinking and as a result of my perception, choices and fundamentally my life.


I know I am at a crossroads in my life. Beyond the practical day-day choices, something deeper is calling me forward. A foundational beginning again process is unfolding. The terrain where the old habits and patterns are inviting to be integrated, wisdom harvested and a call to allow the clearing of space for a new chapter of relating to mySelf and Life to take root.


The fortress I have built around my heart has held me in bondage of a life of wash, rinse repeat. A rhythm that has held as its outcome most often an experience of separation, loneliness and struggle. The battlefront has been in my mind. It’s so darn familiar that I can easily dismiss it’s grip on me.



I am choosing to own this today as I invite my light to shine fully. Avoiding it has kept me in the dark. I love how Marianne Williamson phrases light and dark. Darkness is but the absence of light.


If we are inherently light, then in many ways darkness is the denial of our true nature.

A Course in Miracles invites us to know and practically consider in our life, what we identify as....

Inviting a shift in perception from body identification to spirit identification. Shift in perception from fear to love. Love being our true Self. Our true source that we all are.

For me, like all bodies of knowledge that inform the way I live, lead and service, at its core is an invitation to

remember our wholeness. 

On the surface this sounds simple, and yet I can attest to the grip of the familiar and illusionary comfort darkness has kept vigil over my life.


Truth is a light saber to darkness and denial. It is like the switch, when turned on, the sleeping dragons of separation (pain & control strategies) dissolve.


I remember living in the south where I met the cockroach. They didn’t like the light, I learned they flourish in dark, moist, dense environments.


Symbolically, they represent for me my hidden fears, worries and the pain experience I’ve tried so hard to skirt over and around in life. I have often thought that to leave the light on “too long” would create a life of never ending darkness. Funny ehh? How could that be possible, if indeed I am light, and, darkness is but the absence of that?


I know I am not alone in this dance. I have great empathy for all who are waking up to the habitual choice point of darkness.

The lure of the familiar is an insidious promise.

At some point, I believe we all wake up to this. This is not the first time I have awoken to this unconscious dance. And yet, the time for me has come to slay the dragons of my mind that keep me in bondage. Hummm... noticing the language of the "slaying":) Bam! Ahhhhh, the invitation feels more of a call to simply, turn on the light and welcome their presence to be viewed.


On one level, yes, this is a psychological process. On a deeper level, a spiritual passageway to the healing of consciousness. In Ayurveda, our choices at all levels create experiences of our nature. There are many layers and doorways to considering the formation and sustenance of our consciousness. In this moment, I feel drawn to share one doorway, that invites another that forms the foundation of my life & work in the world.


Join me NOW on this sojourn of consideration. If it calls to you, Join Lisa & I for an enlivening ride into re-imagining ME & WE Beyond our habits in relating to pain & control...

Lets step into one doorway of considerations....

Ayurveda & the Mind


As Dr. Frawley writes in Ayurveda and the Mind: the Healing of Consciousness

  • What are we? 
  • What is the mind-body complex?

I would like to position Ayurveda's worldview of mind-body.  

Ayurveda views the physical body as a crystallization of deep seated mental tendencies carried over from previous lives. It regards the mind as the reflection of the body and the storehouse of the impressions we access through the senses.

The true Self and immortal nature exists beyond the mind-body complex.

The human soul is seen as pure awareness, linked but not limited to the mind-body complex which is its instrument of manifestation. The body functions as an instrument of perception. It is a sister science to yoga. Both Ayurveda and yoga relate to the system of Tantra which offers various techniques for changing the nature of consciousness. Tantra is more than we’ve approached it in the west. It is a complete system of human development that can aid in improving all aspects of our lives. There are many levels of development.

The one I’d light to highlight is awareness development.

This level invites a spiritual approach to life. Health is more than the absence of disease. At its core, it focuses on how we relate to energy. The quality of our awareness is the fruit of all we do. It is our ultimate expression, the essence of who we really are. The purpose of physical incarnation is to help develop a higher consciousness. This lifts up the individual, the world and all of humanity. All of our human problems arise from a lack of true awareness, which is not merely a lack of information but a failure to understand our place in the universe. Actually, we do not have a place in the universe, rather the universe rests within us. All human beings are a part of our own Self. They are like the different branches of the tree of consciousness. True awareness is the recognition of unity through which we transcend personal limitations and understand the Self as All. This ultimate aim of Ayurveda is to release us from all suffering and sorrow.

A foundational consideration in Ayurveda is relative to qualities. What in Sanskrit are known as Gunas.

Nature consists of three primal qualities. Called Gunas in Sanskrit, meaning what binds, because wrongly understood they keep us in bondage to the external world.


We all by nature have the capacity for what is known as the three Maha Gunas (the three great qualities) known as Sattva (light, intelligence, brings balance), Rajas (movement, energy, causes imbalance, unease) and Tamas (substance, creates inertia).


Consider for a moment which qualities are permeating your awareness these days…


  • Are you sensing a lightness in your being and how you’re relating to yourSelf and life?
  • Are you sensing a gentleness that is wearing your body-mind down?
  • Are you sensing a dense, concreate, stuck phase where movement is deeply challenging?


How do the qualities you’re experiencing influence how you relate with pain & control in the ME & WE dance?


This leads me to a second doorway of liberation for your consideration…WEL-Systems®.


A context that invites and allows a welcoming of all of me to be in flow with life. What I might label as dark, light, good, bad, all expressions of my being. This context sets a stage for redefining not just who we are, rather, what we are. It offers a proven pathway for living as spirit in tissue. For me a critical pathway home, inside, that helps us remember holism as our inherent nature.

For me it offers the alchemy of living & relating with Life, as spirit in tissue as I engage fully with the beautiful contrast that Life offers us.

What is WEL-Systems®

This process of living supports the welcoming of the layers of discovery so I am able to name, claim, choose & change…in a breath.

A true remembrance that liberates versus binds us to the circumstances and conditions of an experience.


This upcoming four-week exploration of PAIN & CONTROL in the Context of ME & WE, is an invitation to turn on our light, to welcome what’s present and invite and allow integration of spirit in tissue to flow.

This live, inConversation experience is designed to enable us to each take ourSelves where we need to go next.

The body is our gateway of communion with spirit in tissue. We make friends again with sensory cues in the body, as a key step to integrating the more of us, as divine in tissue.

The so what of this exploration, for me, rests on the knowledge that as I reclaim the more of my being, inside, the ME & WE dance shifts on its own.

Like the body has a natural intelligence to heal itself, if we were to work with it, rather than getting in its way, I am coming to see in my own re-imagining ME & WE, the power of my own dance with the Self as the me, shifts the We naturally. Nothing for me to do over there….