So much of our lives, we hum along, surviving. Seeking the moments and conditions that might allow us, set us up for, enable us, Inspire us to thrive.


We spend much of our lives focusing our attention on what is NOT working that we may not even consider what is working. What do we want more of in LIFE? 

What do we want more of in our experience of ourSelves in LIFE?


Today, create some time to be still. To breathe and drop INTO your body and consider....

What does living a life of thriving look like for me?

Beyond the conditions, timing and history of my life, what Truth is burning in me to be born?


Then, if it calls to you, write your Poem of thriving....see what emerges on the paper for you.


Here is what emerged for me. 


Wishing you much thriving in your next breath, your next choice and your next chapter!

My thrive poem_Cathy.jpg