Time To Get Out Of Our Own Way. Step Aside Self-Doubt.

Sabotage – Saboteurs: Time to get out of our own way

For many years, we’ve been learning about the voice of the "inner critic". Psychology and the world of coaching have offered amazing approaches to support us in uncovering and discovering these inner voices, noticing them, naming them and choosing to not “listen to them”.


In A Course in Miracles, as with other meta-physical teachings, the notion of ego plays into this dance as well. There is a great saying, the ego speaks first and the ego speaks loudest (ACIM). Ain't that the truth:) Regardless of your world view, spiritual framework or chosen path, we can all probably agree we have these inside voices that keep us stuck, hold us in check, invite us into "ground hog day experiences" and inevitably invite our transcendence as we travel our empowerment journey.

Recognizing we're NOT the voices in our head is liberating. It's a process, not an event. Like an onion, peeling one layer at a time, we do get to the core. Along the way, much water can flow!

We discover we’ve picked up these voices along the journey of becoming who we are today. Often these inner voices are not our own. Sometimes they are. Birthed as intelligent responses to experiences we may or may not be fully aware of.

Bruce Lipton’s work has contributed greatly to the scientific conversation that identifies the power of belief and key scripts that influence on our inner and outer experiences.

At some point, in our process of the onion peel, we must move beyond merely noticing the tales.

This need not be a process of "letting go" or "merely choosing to get on with it". This can be an enlivening and organic process of alchemy.


What do I mean by this?

Awareness. We start by recognizing when the "voices/patterns" are on the scene.

Love leads as the key choice. We welcome the voices/patterns. These once we're deeply supportive and in fact have our "best interest" at heart. We don't battle the warriors with their own weapons. We breathe weapons of love, appreciation and compassion.

Curiosity invites an exploration of  both the impersonal and personal nature. We step into exploring their presence in an expanded view. One that illuminates the qualities, patterns and nature of these "voices" and "auto-pilot" strategies.

Somatically engage sensations. We direct our attention to the sensory impulses accompanying our friends. Choosing to engage our spirit in tissue to "digest" their messages. We cultivate inhabiting our bodies, fully. In doing so, integration becomes viable and healing for us.



Simultaneously we choose to embody a spirit of "experimentation".


Image that you step into your lab coat of becoming your own "mad scientist" of evolution.  

Experimentation is an invitation to animate and activate new choices. I will often say when I notice I am "getting in my own way" and my inner voices and habitual safety patterns have the "keys to my bus"...

Cathy, it doesn't matter what you choose here, just choose something different.

When we're truly ready to own that we're the ones getting in our way and that we're the ones we've been waiting for, life takes on a different flow. There is a timing component to this phase of the empowerment journey. Simply put by many of my colleagues, "it's time when it's time."

Not always a barrel of monkeys, and, movement begins & flow is restored.  

Ready to work consciously with your voices & patterns in your empowerment journey?


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