The Alchemy of Choice

What is the foundation of your choices?


Are you willing to look?


Are you willing to choose again?


Underpinnings of choice

Your world view is shaped by cultural forces of values, beliefs and attitudes. Each of us pass along the journey into adulthood making sense and meaning out of life. Along the way you will have intelligently adopted and adapted (consciously or unconsciously) to your environment. Whether you believe in the karmic foot print of cultural conditioning or not, the fact remains it happens. The life you are living is rich with historical residue of beliefs, values and attitudes. These shape your choices. Choice shape your life, leadership & service.  

It is courageous to stop and consider choice relative to how you live, lead & serve.


Because it demands you look directly at what are the motivations, values, beliefs and attitudes that fuel your choices.


Where to start

  • Be willing to acknowledge & honour the alchemy of choice as a key lever to transform from the inside out.

The alchemy of choice lives in the present moment. It breathes a new day when you stop and give yourself permission to choose based on who you are NOW. Make a choice that fuels you, TODAY. Make a choice that is based on who you are discovering you truly are versus who you have been. This can be no easy feat. It can be simple. Guess what? It starts with a choice.

  • Choose to make friends with yourself.

Open up a dialogue with yourself about what you believe & value today. Consider what attitudinal residue is most important for you to leave in your wake? Take a breath and lead with that.

  • Step into a powerful partnership of discovery & growth with a coach.

Along your path of growth, having an allay to challenge and support you to see blindspots and gaps of intention offers tremendous value. You may get lost in your head as you begin to open up new conversations with yourself. Not to mention, you can expect to activate archetypal forces designed to keep us safe by not asking the big questions or challenging the assumptions that underpin our lives.

New information alone will not transform your choices. Unless & until you open up to more expanded considerations of life and the inherent possibilities of your nature beyond your conditioning, you are destined to continue along the same path.

  • Experiment with activities that are out of your comfort zone.

Experimentation can become your greatest new capacity. It is a willingness to "throw the proverbial spaghetti on the wall" and see what happens. Adopting this new capacity will cause a stir in your life, no doubt. Having a community of champions will be vital.

Now what?

Game changer insights emerge, when, you recognize you're not bound by your history & own that you can choose again.

At some point looking back, digging into your history looses any value to create meaningful change. You'll know when you're there.

It is like graduation day in the discovery process where the hunt for the awareness looses it's lustre and you wake up to the power of choice itself!

At this point, REAL reclaimation of choice takes root. You begin to see life as a process of choosing, one breath to the next. This is VERY different from "project managing" your life. Life is organic & so are we. 


How is choice playing out in your life these days?