Women IN Conversation: Wellness Business

This Women IN Conversation session is with Stephanie Calhoun, founder of, Satori Yoga. Located in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada.

Stephanie shares her passion for integrated wellness with us today. In an exciting way she has chosen to expand her Health & Wellness services to include Arbonne.

Specifically, she's elegantly woven her passion for yoga, health & nutrition together with a company that offers a wealth of pure, safe & beneficial products. The result, greater impact. More global reach as she seeks to help as many people as possible! In our conversation, Stephanie shares her story of learning to appreciate the one-ness and uniqueness of all things designed to support us to live better.

Prepare to be inspired to re-think how else you might consider your path to wellbeing in your life & business.

So sit back, relax, grab a cup of tea and join us for our meanderings together in this Women IN Conversation.

If you’re a woman in the business of wellness, as you listen, consider how else you might design impact?


Often crisis is a great impetus for innovation. It animates energies that propel us to re-think, ignite & rebuild.

I wonder as you listen….what’s been activated for you?

Please share your thoughts & insights here!

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