Lead as the Woman You Are

An invitation to expand your consideration of how you live, lead & serve.

Step into three doorways exploring your nature, differently.

These experiences are lovingly offered as gateways home through the elements, Goddess energies & patterns of esteem.

Let’s face it, if we want to experience something new in our life, leadership & service, it begins with us. Wanting something to be different and yet choosing to do the same thing, well…we know what that yields. In order to choose something different, we must be willing to learn something new.


Core Questions

As a woman, are you tired of the pursuit of “fitting in”, only to discover that when you do, you feel more alone & uninspired?

As a woman, are you restless in your vision of what’s possible?

Are you tired of waiting for it to be your turn to embody the helm?

It’s time for women who feel the call to step more fully into who they uniquely are as they shape the direction of their life, leadership & service.

If you’re willing to open the doors to being yourSelf fully, in community, join us for these lovingly designed upcoming experiences.

The following workshops will support you to:

  • Learn new ways of relating to yourSelf & the world.

  • Commit to cultivating good space inside & out, Together.

  • Embrace choice as your power guide.

  • Experience being & learning in a genuine community.

  • Connect with a deeper wisdom calling you forward into your life.


Collaborate with your Elemental Nature

For those who self-identify as woman, we intuitively feel nature’s wonder & brilliance. Yet having grown up in a world that engrains the view that something out there will make us feel better, we’ve lost our connection to the delicious, innocent force of life that imbues our senses.
For some we’ve travelled & explored various fields of study that have reawakened this. For me Ayurveda was just that. Through my studies and practice of yoga & Ayurveda, I awoke to the rhythmic flow of the elements as a great teacher. But what does this mean for how I live, lead & serve? This fellow travelers is what I want to share and invite you into during this one-day workshop. This is an invitation to open your senses with love. To soften and expand your awareness of the elegant simplicity that the elements can offer to guide your choices.


Enliven & Honour your Goddess Nature

As a woman who has lived a lifetime in search of a leadership paradigm that feels honouring of all of me, it hasn’t been until recent that I’ve reconnected with the roots of feminine leadership that’s called me home. Rife with wisdom and guidance, archetypal myths of the Goddess reveals patterns that play out in all areas of our lives. In particular there are four Goddess journey’s I am deeply enlivened by these days. In fact, these four cosmic patterns are alive in all of us, regardless of gender. They appear shining brightly in our sacred mandala of astrology. Each encoded with core messages seeking our attention. They can guide us to know what we most need to nurture, creatively express & champion, to honour in our relationships with another and how we deeply desire to tend to our sacred fire. During this two-day weekend workshop you will have an opportunity to learn more about & more importantly reconnect with your Goddess wisdom.


Liberate Patterns of Esteem

For some reason we’re taught we should just be confident. We should grow a pair and be who we are. For many of us, this isn’t so cut and dry. We can feel like the perpetual child peering through the window as we witness the courage and boldness we see expressed by another. Archetypes are an amazing way to set the table of unity. To liberate patterns of esteem to work with us. What do I mean by this? Well archetypes offer us a window into inherently neutral patterns that feel all too personal in our day to day lives as we seek to lead, grow & change. There are a plethora of archetypes influencing you right now. Are you noticing? How are you relating to them? Do they drive your bus or are you working collaboratively with them?

In this four-part online series we’ll explore four core archetypal patterns that influence all of us on our sojourn to self-esteem. Once recognized, we can enter into a thoughtful relationship of growing together, versus being at odds.