This is for you, if you're ready for a year of transformation in your life, leadership and service.

An individualized spiritual coaching & mentorship year long experience. 

You'll have full access to your coach.

Experience the power of a practical, spiritually driven champion companion.

Learn & grow into the BEST YEAR OF YOU!

Cathy will be working with a small number of clients for the year. 

As part of this package you will receive:

1. Monthly coaching sessions. As your personal coach for a year, Cathy will be someone to walk with you as you co-create amazing results in your life. Together, you'll co-design a flow of working together that will set you up for success in your year.

2. Unlimited email support throughout the year.

3. Invitation to join a small mastermind of women committed to leading well together. Here we'll gather together as a soul tribe of women committed to being the empowered soul, in action in your chosen area of service. This is a group that will inspire and challenge you to become what you're here to be and do in the world.

4. Access to our Fall Seasonal Soul Refresh Retreat.

5. You will discover and learn key ways to engage your spiritual, elemental and archetypal nature, practically in your life, leadership and service.


Step into a paradigm that masterfully marries the spiritual with the practical.A paradigm that enables you to co-create with life from the inside out.


Step off the wheel of spin, confusion and frustration. It's time to know yourself BEYOND your history, personality & strategies.

Step into a new way of seeing yourself, your life and your world. From here you'll learn how to co-create an empowered life as spirit, body & mind. 

This will support you to:

  • experience ease with change

  • know belonging inside as a pathway to liberation

  • live in alignment with your inner truth

  • embody a pioneering spirit of your "me" & "we" dance

  • show up more fully & in alignment as a contributor to making your life & this world a better place


Choice Point Living offers a thought provoking process that encourages self-discovery while intentionally engaging the breath, body, stillness, symbolic sight of archetypal forces, ancient wisdom of Ayurveda & key cosmology co-ordinates.  

All of our work together will be held in a WEL-Systems Context.