Since the 1960’s, women’s restlessness has propelled the personal development & self-help movements in the west beyond anything we could have imagined.

As we transition out into the world, choosing to continue our evolution, we must activate new capacities of leading WELL together, NOW.

Core values of

Growth, Collaboration & Belonging

fuel our work together.

Grounded in the PARADIGM OF our evolutionary intent as SPIRIT IN TISSUE


This demands we co-create with spirit, body & mind with intention. We cultivate good space, in & out; we invite and allow movement & relax into our flow of becoming.

Our Approach invites

Consideration of new information

Contemplation of authentic living & serving

Cultivation of inside out well-being that embodies compassion, peace & kindness

Conscious choice that creates vital & meaningful environments (inner/outer) 

We begin where you're at.

Explore key elemental, archetypal and cosmological co-ordinates of your nature.

Open up to a new co-creative dance of body-mind, as spirit.

Choose to be a spiritual warrior.

Live, lead and serve with greater clarity, confidence and compassion.

Join others in co-creating new communities of spiritual warriors choosing to walk together as pioneers for a re-imagining ME & WE.