Are you & your team ready to innovate?

Willing to blaze new pathways of working together?



You arrive each day to work with a desire to be positive and productive. 

And yet....

Key conversations are not happening. Engagement is low. Collaboration is a mystery. Each day is focused on keeping your head above water. Time is spent on what is not working. What's possible just doesn't enter into your conversations. You want different. You continue to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Agenda's are packed with operations. You fear you're losing relevancy. 

You recognize, it’s time to invest in something different.

What if you could …

Build a new environment for thinking & working together

Plan a get-a-way. Literally. Today, it's imperative that if you want and need different, you'll need to be and think differently, together. The days of the "lone wolf" are over in teams. The greatest potential you can leverage is in how you are relating. To each other, your work and your potential.

I specialize in working with teams who are ready to re-direct their work, together. I design & facilitate powerful off-site experiences that re-imagine the next edge of potential.

Expect good process and sound facilitation. Choose to move into the next best version of your team.

Strengthen your relating; inspire creativity and establish a new way forward for your work together.


Hosted off-site

Transformation unfolds when teams gather together first as people, in an environment that honours the wholeness of who they are.

Attempting to access and engage critical conversations in the same environments that currently inhibit them, doesn't work.

Choose to re-engage as collaborators, re-ignite your shared mission and accountability and HAVE FUN!